Good & Fugly produce makes great smoothies – see for yourself!

Good & Fugly produce makes great smoothies – see for yourself!

May 15, 2023Jonathan Englert

Channel 10 recently hosted us and our good friends at Vitamix to show just how versatile the Good & Fugly boxes can be. 

It was part of Stop Food Waste day, but the message is timeless. Why throw away bags of food, worth thousands of dollars each year, when you can repurpose it?

Of course, there’s a point where fruit and veggies stop being so appetising by themselves. We’ve all been there. A day or two too long in the fridge, and the produce is just not as pleasant to bite into. 

Then there are the times where you simply don’t know what to do with an ingredient. Part of the joy of the Good & Fugly boxes are that each one is a culinary adventure that will challenge you to find new and delicious ways to use fruit and vegetables that you wouldn’t otherwise. However, there are times where it simply doesn’t work for your family. 

These are often the reasons that food ends up in waste – the product of accidental overspending or a simple matter of not finding opportunity to use the ingredient.

That’s where Vitamix comes in.

Rather than toss a vegetable that has lost its crispness, or something that doesn’t match your cooking, use it as an ingredient in a smoothie or soup instead! Through blending you get all the awesome nutritional benefits of each ingredient, and none of the issues of texture or taste.

As you’ll see in the Channel 10 clip, Vitamix blends up a storm with produce from the Good & Fugly box. It’s the ideal way to get a quick, wholesome energy burst, and we can confirm it tasted incredible! 

Even putting aside the food waste question, the reality is that not enough of us are eating fresh fruit and vegetables. When it’s as convenient and tasty to catch up on the fresh food intake as Good & Fugly and Vitamix make it, there is no excuse.

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