12 Instagram accounts we love

12 Instagram accounts we love

Dec 01, 2022Jonathan Englert

As you may know, we love social media. We're regulars online, particularly  on the gram. We've been blown away with how quickly the Good & Fugly community is growing online. What we love most about Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, is that they give us a place to connect with you! It's the perfect platform to share, talk, brainstorm and inspire one another. On top of that, we are big fans of many other Instagram accounts that share terrific information.

Here are 12 instagram accounts that we love to follow:

1.     Cornersmith

Our friends over at Cornersmith are the bees knees. In addition to a cafe and store located in Annandale, Sydney, the team have so much to share including recipes, hacks and more. They recently released their own cookbook: The Food Saver’s A-Z and they have a podcast. You can see everything they are up to on their insta account.

2.     Tumbleweed Gardening

Turning food waste into fertiliser for your plants? Yes please. For over 40 years, the team at Tumbleweed have helped people compost and worm farms at home, made out of 100% Recycled Plastic - amazing. You can see their many products over their insta account. 

3.     Oz harvest 

It goes without saying that the Oz Harvest team are a bunch of legends. They work tirelessly to collect food that would have otherwise gone to waste, and get to those who need it most. We are so proud to be partnered with this incredible organisation. Their insta account is an awesome insight into the work they do, with great pics and updates.  

4.     Love Food Hate Waste

This great account belongs to Food Smart - a free online program to help NSW households reduce food waste. With easy to follow tips and hacks, this is a must-follow account.

5.     Vegan by Eden

We love food bloggers and especially this account by blogger, Eden. Bringing in all the tips and tricks to make fabulous vegan meals, this is a vibrant and fun account for plenty of cooking inspo.

6.     Cailie Ford Nutrition

Our Chief Nutrition Officer, Clinical Nutritionist Cailie, is a nutrition and health expert. For amazing recipes and tips, not only for food related health but other helpful tips like how to sleep better, gut health and more - make sure you follow Cailie! 

7.     Nutrition Australia

Nutrition Australia aims to ‘inspire healthy eating’ through information, education and consultation services. Their insta account has loads of ways you can bring better nutrition into your life including recipes, health and more.

8.    Sarah Wilson

Waste warrior, Sarah Wilson has been inspiring and motivating for years with her 'use-it-all' recipes and waste conscious hacks . Sarah's account has not only amazing environmentally-friendly info , but also how she shares her personal journey. 

9.   Dr Anita Vandyke

Fighting food waste isn't rocket science! Just ask actual rocket scientist, Dr Anita! This account has regular videos and posts about how to reduce waste - in some cases completely. Clever and fun, it's a must on your followers list.  

10. Liz Miu 苗可玉 🍜 Fun Planty Recipes

Plant-based eating is becoming an increasingly popular area and we are always looking for inspo on the topic. Liz has nailed her insta account with endless recipes! Be warned, once you start looking it will be hard to click away!

11. Tiny Offical Buddha 

A slight detour from food and waste, we love this account for it's insights and reminders for a peaceful mind. With happy and healthy minds, tackling life's hurdles becomes easier, and that's why we have this one on the list.

12. The Zero Waste Guide

We all want to reduce waste, but how to do we do it? This instagram account is perfect for learning how to reduce waste on a practical level and on a daily basis. You will be sure to learn ways to reduce waste you would never have considered. 

Finally, don't forget to check our our account! We post regularly including recipes, tips and more. Every week we also giveaway a FREE fruit and vegetable box! How can you win? Simply post a pic of your latest Good & Fugly box, or a recipe you made and tag us - so easy! See you over there. 


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