Our Story

Good & Fugly is about a handful of small, but significant, inspirations coming together to make a much larger one.

It's about Rich who loved growing things and how that connected to his dad who turned their urban front yard into an abundant fruit and veg garden.

It's about what he and his team learned from building successful businesses that also did community and planetary good at the same time.

How you need to get the balance right if you want to match environmental sustainability with commercial sustainability. How you need to build a supportive community of likeminded people and never stop listening and learning from them. 

And, finally, it's about being told that up to 25% of all produce never leaves the farm because it isn't pretty enough for supermarkets.

A fateful podcast featuring the man behind Impossible Foods convinced Rich and his team that for them rescuing imperfect fruit and veg was the perfect way to make what Pat Brown calls "the biggest positive impact."

Here's why:

  • In Australia alone we throw away 3.1 million tonnes of food. That's 17,000 jumbo jets (747s)
  • Around the world that number grows to 1.3 billion tonnes. That's a mountain 3 kms across and almost 2.5 kms high
  • Since 70% of the world's fresh water is used for agriculture that's 180 trillion litres of water
  • 20% of green house gas emissions are Methane. Wasted food in landfills contributes to the total of this powerful heat trapping gas
  • Energy that goes into running farm machinery to produce all that food is wasted too
  • 30% of all the world's farmland is used to produce wasted food
  • Not surprisingly, food waste impacts land quality and biodiversity through deforestation and the degradation of over-worked soil

We hope you join us on the journey to chip away at this problem one delectable delivery at a time. Good & Fugly. Lett-uce begin*

*Excuse the pun. 38.7% of all lettuce is thrown away.