Work With Us

Join our team as a grower

We’re always looking for more growers to partner with as we expand our mission to deliver more Fugly produce throughout NSW. If you’ve got fruit or veg that don’t make the supermarket’s beauty-pageant criteria, then let’s talk.

Partner with us

Experience has taught us that finding like-minded people to join you on the journey is critical. If you’re a business enterprise, a not-for-profit, a university or even an individual, who wants to learn more about what we’re doing at Good & Fugly and has some ideas on how we might support each other. Please get in touch.

Become a Good & Fugly team member

Just like our imperfectly perfect fruit and veg, our team is deliciously capable but a little wonky. We are growing fast, and looking for mold-breakers and anti-cookie cutters to help us grow faster and better. So pitch why and how you’re a Fugly fit and, even more important, why you’re good. Please get in touch.