What is 'Fugly' produce?

Fugly produce is imperfect fruit and vegetables - a little bit wonky but a lot delicious! Because of supermarket cosmetic standards too much good food never leaves the farm gate. We’re on a mission to stop this.

A fruit or vegetable is elevated to Fugly status if it’s too big, too small, has a blemish, or is just a weird shape. Not all cucumbers grow perfectly straight, after all and many a delicious tomato is so exuberant with flavour it refuses to be symmetrical! We say no to the Derek Zoolanders of the produce world.

Our little Fuglies are always fresh, direct from farmers and delicious.

Why should I choose 'Good & Fugly'?

By buying a Good & Fugly box you’ll not only be buying delicious, fresh and affordable produce, you’ll be helping the planet, and pushing back on beauty standards that waste the good things of the earth.

Up to 25% of all vegetables. That’s one-quarter of the water, sunlight, time and energy used by nature and the farmer that just goes to waste!

Our little Fuglies are always fresh, direct from farmers and delicious.

By choosing Good & Fugly, you’ll be helping farmers sell more of what they harvest, and you’ll get to enjoy some extraordinary produce.

Learn more about our mission.

How does it work?

Simply order the box that is right for you (choose between a range of boxes), then check out the delivery tab to see what days we deliver to you. We’ll then speak with our network of farmers and bundle together a box of fresh, seasonal, partly Fugly and totally delicious produce that will be delivered on Friday afternoon. For now it’s Friday, but we’re expanding delivery windows and will keep you posted.

We also offer subscriptions! Each or every other week, receive your favourite Good & Fugly box without having to place an order. You can pause or unsubscribe at any time, particularly handy if you’ve taken a spontaneous roadtrip!

Where do you deliver?

We're currently delivering to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney cities and the Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong in NSW, the Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast in QLD, and Mornington Peninsula and Geelong in VIC. We are adding more locations to our list all the time.

If we don’t deliver to your suburb right now, join our waitlist, so we can let you know when we’re dropping our perfectly imperfects in your neighbourhood or office!

Check if we currently deliver to your area.

What days of the week do you deliver?

Check out our delivery page to see what day we deliver to your suburb.

If you would like to change your delivery day, just send us an email at admin@goodandfugly.com.au and we will check in with our delivery partner to see if we can change to your preferred day.

How much does delivery cost?

We have a fee for your fugly box deliveries of $5.95 across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and $6.95 for our Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mornington Peninsula and Geelong customers!

How much food will I get in my box?

We have two different boxes available to order: a small box and a large box.

A small box is a bundle of up to 12 different varieties of fruit and veggies. This quantity should be enough to feed 1-2 people for 4-5 days.

A large box brings together up to 14 different varieties, and should bring sustenance to 3-5 people for 4-5 days.

What kind of fruit and veggies will be in my box? Can I choose to exclude items?

Our boxes are made up of fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, so not everything is available all year round.

We’ll also be regularly showcasing new fruits and veggies that may be new to you, and when we do, we’ll be sharing the best ways to prepare the welcome surprise.

If you wish to exclude any fruits or veggies in your boxes, just send us an email to admin@goodandfugly.com.au when you place your order and we will swap those items out for some of our other fresh produce that we have available.

Is your produce organic?

Right now, we’re rescuing good and nutritious Fuglies from mostly local growers to reduce food waste at the source and are looking to include organic farmers in the mix soon. As such, we can’t yet offer a completely organic box --but we’re working on it! Since our mission is to fight waste as sustainably and deliciously as possible, we have cast a wide net with our grower community, understanding their challenges and working hard to be the bridge to as many new tables as possible.

Where do you source your fruit and veggies from?

We're here to help out our Aussie farmers across New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian regions! As we expand, we’ll be partnering with local growers in those new areas too. We’re always looking for more farmers, so if you know of or are one, get in touch.

I have allergies, can I use Good & Fugly?

While a box may not contain a fruit or vegetable that you’re allergic to, we can’t guarantee no cross contamination along the way. So, if your allergy means you can’t simply lineup a friend to take your pineapple or strawberries, we recommend signing up to our newsletter.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’re able to ensure no allergens in our boxes or supply chain.

Can I skip a subscription delivery or pause my subscription?

Absolutely! Just login to your account and click on manage subscription. If you’re having any trouble, just send us an email at admin@goodandfugly.com.au and we’re more than happy to help.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry to see you go, but we’ve made this easy to do. Simply login to your account and select manage subscriptions or send us an email at admin@goodandfugly.com.au. If you want to sign up again, it’s easy to do that too: create a new account and away we go!

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Our purpose is to reduce waste! All our packaging is recyclable, from the box, to the insulating paper, and even the tape we use to secure the boxes.