13-000-FUGLY  - Introducing our New Farmer Hotline

13-000-FUGLY - Introducing our New Farmer Hotline

May 09, 2022Jonathan Englert

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new fruit and veg ‘rescue’ hotline that will ensure we capture all the best fruit and veg to add to your delivery box.

Farmers can now call - 13-000-FUGLY (1-3-TRIPLE ZERO-FUGLY) – and the Good & Fugly team will arrange to purchase and rescue delicious fruit and veg that would have otherwise gone to waste.

With over a quarter of produce never leaving the farm, this is a huge problem in Australia that we are on a mission to change. Unfortunately, supermarkets reject perfectly good fruit and veg due to unrealistic “beauty” standards, including the shape, size and/or quantity. What’s worse is that these standards have nothing to do with quality or taste. What a waste! 

The new Good & Fugly hotline is just one of the ways we are making big changes to how fruit and vegetables are consumed. Our team works closely with farmers across Australia to better understand their needs and stop fresh, seasonal, quality fruit and veg being thrown away.

The good news is, it’s working. The Good & Fugly community is growing, with more and more people joining our fugly family and opting to have quality produce (even if a little wonky) delivered straight to their door. 

We’re going to keep spreading the word that fugly is good. Want to join us?

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