5 Best Australian Food Blogs For Recipe Inspiration

5 Best Australian Food Blogs For Recipe Inspiration

Mar 30, 2022Jonathan Englert

The best part of receiving a fruit and vegetable subscription instead of doing a planned grocery shop is the creativity it encourages. Once your Good & Fugly box has arrived full of delicious (if a little fugly) fresh produce, the list of meals you can make are limited only by your imagination. For the days when you're lacking ideas, or are stumped by what to make with less common items (like rainbow chard) food blogs are great source of inspiration.

In Australia, we're blessed with some talented bloggers who never fail to deliver amazing recipes and mouth-watering photos, for a seemingly endless library of meals! Here are 5 of the biggest Aussie food blogs we love to follow:

1. RecipeTin Eats

This well established blog has been providing creative culinary ideas since 2012, with author Nagi Maehashi known for their clever use of everyday ingredients. RecipeTin Eats focuses on fast and easy meals and Nagi keeps things exciting with fresh ideas for dinner recipes that satisfy nearly every appetite. The best part? The recipes are usually healthy, flavourful, and won’t break the bank!

The RecipeTin Eats philosophy is that you don't need to be a skilled cook, follow complicated recipes or use specialty ingredients to make a tasty meal. If you're short on time and ideas on a busy weeknight, this is the perfect blog to get a yummy dinner on the table, fast.

One of our favourite recipes to use up those leftover veggies in the fridge is the Marinated Vegetarian Pasta Salad. For this recipe, you can combine any veggies you want; plus, the meal is even tastier the day after (perfect as leftovers!). Nagi even gives some tips on how to freshen up the salad as needed.

2. Not Quite Nigella

This well-diversified blog gives you a thorough download on restaurants, home recipes, and travel. Food enthusiast and blogger Lorraine Elliott is also an established author, with her own memoir – also called Not Quite Nigella – detailing her experience and food journey. Lorraine’s appealing photos will get you excited to cook, and on dining-out nights her reviews will help you find the right place to eat.

We love her take on Zucchini Slice, the ultimate time saver meal that can be enjoyed hot or cold. It can also be easily modified into a vegetarian dish too!

3. My Korean Kitchen

Sue, the author behind this blog, created the platform to highlight her love and passion for Korean cuisine. On top of many recipes for Korean and Korean-fusion food, Sue shares product and restaurant reviews and starts cultural discussions on My Korean Kitchen, which has seen it credited as one of Saveur Magazine's 55 Great Global Food Blogs. You can also check out the two cookbooks that Sue has published which focus on Korean side dishes and Korean BBQ.

Our meal pick is Sue’s Sweet and Tangy Cabbage Salad, a mix of flavours and textures! This easy recipe takes just about 10 minutes to whip up and is perfect for those who love something with a bit of crunch. Paired with roasted sesame seed dressing, it's a light, refreshing, delicious side dish.

4. The World Loves Melbourne

Started in 2011 by David Hagger, this award-winning blog specialises in everything Melbourne – if it’s tasty and worth attending, The World Loves Melbourne has covered it! While the site is not technically dedicated to recipes, learning about the best restaurants, bars, and hotels in the city is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

If you're feeling adventures, why not recreate a signature dish from one of Melbourne's best restaurants? If you fancy a trip, The World Loves Melbourne occasionally hosts its own foodie events too!

5. How to Cook That

Got a sweet tooth? This is the blog for you! Think of it less as a blog, and more as an online resource for every occasion that calls for dessert. Ann Reardon is a creative who provides an occasional product review alongside her many recipes. Cakes, macarons, chocolate, specialty desserts, you name it. For visual learners, Ann shares her tips and insights on the How to Cook That YouTube channel – it has almost 5 million subscribers!

BONUS: Good & Fugly Recipes!

The Good & Fugly team shares our own favourite recipes free on the website! Whether you've bought one of our boxes before or not, we love sharing simple and healthy recipes that champions the delicious fresh produce of local Australian growers. 

Crafted by nutritionist Cailie Ford, our recipes will encourage you to use the fruit and veg in each box in new, interesting ways.

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