Bunsters Is Bringing Heat To Your Good & Fugly Boxes

Bunsters Is Bringing Heat To Your Good & Fugly Boxes

Jul 05, 2024Jonathan Englert

You may have seen the name “Bunsters” show up a lot in recent months. It’s a hot sauce that is turning heads, and not just because of the provocative name of its main product, Sh-t The Bed!

Bunsters Founder, Renae Bunster, caught the attention of none other than Gordon Ramsay himself, and starred on the entrepreneurial competition Food Stars.

Then Woolworths supermarkets started picking up her sauces and selling them in-store, making it easy for people who don’t usually go looking for hot sauces online to buy during their weekly shop.

Following that, there was the equity crowdfunding on Birchal, which Bunsters knocked out of the park. It has raised $3.9 million across three raises, and broke equity crowdfunding records for the number of return investors.

Last, but certainly not least, Bunsters is taking up with the stars, partnering with Binge to bring a line of House of the Dragon-inspired hot sauces to market. They even threw some Carolina Reaper into that one (the hottest chilli actually edible – more or less – by humans), so consumers really feel the dragon’s breath burn.

It’s been an amazing rise for Renae and the company, which launched back in 2012, and at Good & Fugly we’re thrilled to be partnering with them. The right veggies with the right hot sauces make for a meal that your family isn’t going to forget in a hurry. 

We sat down with Renae to have a quick chat about all things hot sauce and what she sees in Good & Fugly.

What inspired you to set up Bunsters, and what are your big goals for the company?

Renae Bunster: Bunsters was a total accident! There was no inspiration except for needing delicious hot sauces. Big goals for the company are to make it a household name in Australia. When you think hot sauce, you think Bunsters. 

What was it about your hot sauces that makes them different to anything else out there?

Renae Bunster: They’re packed full of veggies! I tried to get as many different fruit and veg in there as possible as I was eating so much of it I wanted it to be as healthy as possible. 

A lot of your labels have very... Australian, language on them! What made you go with this edgy angle, and I've got to ask, has anyone ever complained?

Renae Bunster: The name Sh-t The Bed was just a joke. I thought no one would be able to eat it. But they could and they loved the name so much we had to keep making it. People have been offended by it in the past but people get offended over the stupidest things these days. 

I think the only complaints I can ever remember are over hilarious things. Someone was angry our sauce made their farts smell awful. One man was incensed that I wished him a Merry f*&%$ing Christmas. Demanded that I retract my statement "forthwith". Legendary complaints. But no not many complaints about STB these days. I think people see we're just being honest.

What attracted you to Good & Fugly? 

Renae Bunster: Anyone who gives veggies a second chance at life is OK In my book. Food waste is such a huge issue so anyone bringing light to the issue and stopping waste is great. 

What do you think are the best ways to use your sauces with our fugly veggies (or even fruits)?

Renae Bunster: If you make any kind of curry, bolognese or veggie cook up chuck some of our sauce into jazz it up. 

Finally, what's next for Bunsters?

Renae Bunster: Well, we've just done a hot sauce collab with Binge to create the official hot Sauces for House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel. There's a black one that is the hottest sauce I've ever made with Carolina Reapers in it. Lots of celebrities have eaten it, so that's all very exciting. 

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