Cooking for People with Different Tastes

Cooking for People with Different Tastes

Jun 17, 2022Jonathan Englert

Ever had the task of cooking for a household of mixed tastes and needs? Whether you're dealing with a fussy toddler or a partner who refuses to try new things, allergies or diary requirements, with a bit of planning, you can cook meals that even the pickiest of eaters will love! Here are some tips to get you started.

Easy meal options to suit all tastes

Start the process by making simple recipes that are easy to customize. For example, try making Mexican-style bowls with the toppings on the side. In addition to rice and lettuce, each person can customize their bowl by adding beans, corn, cheese, or anything else they desire (or don’t!). 

Another easy option is to create a pasta dish leaving meat, veggies, and other ingredients on the side. That way, you can pick and choose exactly what you want in your dish!

A great way to make sure everyone is happy is to offer a variety of foods at each meal. By including familiar and new dishes, eaters can try new things with the safety of eating something they know they love. Next time, try including a familiar main course with a new side dish!

Make small changes

Warming your taste buds to new flavours and combinations is a work in progress. By making small changes to favourite meals, eaters will be more comfortable trying new things. Plus you’ll have a fresh take on your go-to meals, which keeps things interesting. 

Get them involved

Allow others to get involved in the cooking process! Next time, get your picky eater in on the action by letting them choose which vegetables to have in their dinner. Getting them involved in the cooking process can make them feel more invested in the food they’re eating. If they helped cook it, it’s only right that they taste it!

Plus, this can help them to experiment with flavours and spices and find new things they like!

Don’t give up

In the end, it’s important to have patience and don’t give up! It may take some time for your friends or family to warm up to trying new foods.

Keep trying new recipes - eventually, your picky eater will start to expand their culinary horizons and cooking for others will become easier.

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