Friends In The Gold Coast: Get Your Fuglies Now!

Friends In The Gold Coast: Get Your Fuglies Now!

Aug 18, 2023Jonathan Englert

You’ve been asking us to bring our Fuglies to more households, and we’ve listened! We’re thrilled to announce that as of this week, Gold Coast families can order and have boxes of incredible, fresh produce delivered directly to their door. 

Every box comes packed with fresh, seasonal produce that we take direct from farmers and set for delivery immediately. We pay a fair price for the produce that would otherwise be thrown away for not meeting the aesthetic expectations of the big supermarkets, and this is good for you too, because in dealing directly with farmers and managing our own supply chain, you get to enjoy boxes full of the freshest goodness for about 20% less than you’d pay at the supermarket.

Additionally, because we’re committed to solving the problem of food waste across all of Australia, we’re also actively connecting with your local growers in the area. The Gold Coast is famous for all kinds of incredible fruits and vegetables, including bananas, sunflower seeds, avocados, tomatoes and lettuces, and we’re looking forward to bringing as much local produce to your doorstep as possible. 

This is my first time at Good & Fugly! What do I need to know?

Did you know that you can set up a subscription? It couldn’t be easier to keep your household fed than having a box of fresh fruit and vegetables dropped on your doorstep each week or fortnight. 

Or, alternatively, give us a go first! You can order a single box and, if it meets your expectations for wholesome freshness and that straight-from-the-farm great taste (we’re quietly confident that it will) then you’ll be able to put in another order when you’re ready, or set up a subscription from there. 

Just what is a fugly?

Every year a huge amount of food goes to waste in Australia. It’s more than you think – 25% of all produce grown never leaves the farms, because nature is random and often food doesn’t meet the aesthetic requirements of supermarkets.

Good & Fugly was started to help rescue these “fugly” vegetables, because doing so achieves three amazing things: 

  1. It’s good for sustainability. Food waste is a major source of carbon pollution, and so by taking that 25% of produce (or as much of it as we can) we are also tackling climate change. 
  2. It’s good for the consumer’s wallet. With the cost of living spiralling, feeding a family healthy fruit and vegetables can seem to be challenging. We have a solution. 
  3. It’s good for the farmers. Breaking down the supermarket dominance over farmers is important for their own businesses, and by paying them fairly for the produce they would otherwise struggle to sell, farmers directly benefit too.

I’m not on the Gold Coast! What about my area?

Good & Fugly delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and, now, the Gold Coast. But stay tuned! We have some enormously exciting news for people in many other regions coming, so be sure to check your postcode, and add yourself to our newsletter mailing list if we’re not delivering to your area just yet. We’ll keep you updated!

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