Get your Good & Fugly Extras now!

Get your Good & Fugly Extras now!

Dec 07, 2023Jonathan Englert

Meet our Fugly Extras!

These delicious daily essentials will help give your food waste-fighting box a boost with even more deliciousness, convenience and affordability. They’ll also extend the life and versatility of your box with amazing flavours and exciting options.

Each product has been carefully selected to align with our ethos and to deliver maximum value to you. And the best part? Fugly Extras are available as add-ons to any produce box purchased, with no additional delivery fee. So put off that trip to the supermarket a little bit longer - we’ve got you covered, deliciously!

Want a worthy cookie for dessert? We've got you covered!

You come to Good & Fugly for the tastiest, if not prettiest, fruit and vegetables going around. Our commitment to total freshness means that you get produce almost as soon as it’s harvested – at times even the very same day! 

Because of this, across each of the cities that we deliver to, we now have a great network of delivery specialists. So we thought to ourselves “What if you could get everything from us?”

And so we have now launched Fugly Extras. You might not be able to quite get everything from us, but we now carry a wide range of excellent sweets, milk, and other treats that will help you get the most out of your Good & Fugly order. 

We’ve been very choosy about the products that are available through Fugly Extras. It’s important that the companies that we partner with have a similar commitment to food with social conscience that we do. We’ve found some amazing companies to work with, however, whether it be rescue honey, eggs that redefine free-range and cruelty-free, or cookies that give people from disadvantaged backgrounds a leg up in life. 

Here's the full range of Fugly Extras that are available now, but stay tuned, because we will be adding more over time:

  • Eggs: Free-range, cruelty-free eggs from local suppliers with a focus on happy hens.
  • Happy Happy Soy Boy & Happy Happy Oat Oat Oat Milks: Delightful milk alternatives committed to ethical and wholesome production. Produced by a totally carbon-neutral company, Happy Happy Foods.
  • Kingswood Coffee Beans: Kingswood Coffee’s signature milk blend is rich and chocolatey with caramel sweetness.
  • Sunny Times Honey: A one-of-a-kind, all-natural honey produced on certified organic farms.
  • Worthy Cause Cookies: Each cookie produced by this amazing company has been baked by someone who, through disability or disadvantage, has not been able to find long-term employment elsewhere. These cookies mean self-confidence, training, a stable income and, ultimately, a career for many Australians.
  • Mayvers Smooth Peanut Butter: A deliciously tasty peanut butter with all ingredients sourced from local Queensland farmers.

All of these are available at a great price, and will be delivered to your door in the same way that the Good & Fugly boxes are. As our Co-Founder, Richard Touirno, said: “Our customers were looking for ways to put off that expensive supermarket shop, and the inclusion of Fugly Extras enables them to do just that. Fugly Extras extends the life of their boxes by taking care of the essentials and enabling them to build on the value of their box while encouraging pantry shopping.”

How can I put an order in for Fugly Extras?

It’s as simple as jumping onto the website, adding the extras to your cart, and clicking the order button. You don’t even have to order a box of fuglies, if you’re just in need of a top-up of milk or some extra eggs. 

Your order will be delivered according to our usual process, on the usual day that your delivery driver would drop in. 

Friends share their cookies

While you’re here – don’t forget that there are now Good & Fugly gift vouchers available, too, and those can be used to purchase the Fugly Extras. Need a last-minute Christmas gift for a coffee lover? Know someone can’t get enough of peanut butter, or need a bag of cookies to win offer a colleague or a kid’s teacher? The gift card is the gift that keeps on giving. 

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