Got Big New Year’s Resolutions Planned? Good & Fugly Can Help!

Got Big New Year’s Resolutions Planned? Good & Fugly Can Help!

Dec 29, 2023Jonathan Englert

Welcome to the New Year! 2023 was a year of challenges, and no doubt 2024 will be the same, but it will also be a year of hope and opportunity. We hope that for everyone, it is a good year with positive energy and plenty of good times. 

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? If not, why not take the opportunity to think about what you want to achieve this year? So many resolutions fall over because they’re too ambitious or time-consuming, but they don’t need to be. 

In many cases, all you’ll need to put yourself on the right path is a box of Good & Fugly delivered to your doorstep. Read why in our latest blog.

Make A New Year’s Resolution With The Fresh Crunch Of Great Fruit & Veg

Welcome to 2024! We know, everyone kicks off the year by making promises and resolutions that last for as long as it takes for work and the daily grind to restart… but what if everything you needed for a New Year’s revolution was delivered right to your doorstep each week?

We are, of course, talking about healthy eating. It underpins so much of a healthy lifestyle, giving you the energy and motivation to get out there and live to the fullest. 

But rather than invest in a gym membership that gathers dust, a treadmill that rusts in the garage, or diet meals that taste like cardboard and have you searching Uber Eats for the quickest burger delivery, why not give fresh fruit and vegetables a go as your resolution this year?

Here are some of the ways that you can deliver on that promise to yourself all year long and, at the end of 2024, be glad that you did:

Losing weight without punishing yourself

Ah, the classic New Year's resolution is, of course, to lose weight. But here’s the secret to weight loss that the fad diets will never admit: unless you genuinely enjoy what you’re eating, the diet’s only going to last for as long as it takes for a dinner out to remind you what flavour is like. 

This is where vegetables and fruit come in. Especially when they’re fresh off the farm and packed with wholesome goodness. Swapping chips for carrot sticks, rice for shredded cauliflower, and snacking on home-dried apples and apricots (an air fryer is your best friend here) can all help you to lose the pounds and eat healthily without looking at the food and wishing that life could be tastier. 

Getting into exercise? It’s all about the energy levels

Feeling sluggish and drained? That’s the reason that many people give up on their fitness resolutions. All it takes is one day where sleeping in is nicer than the morning jog and it’s all over. Habit broken. 

Energy drinks, pick-me-ups like coffee, and all the rest are not the solution here. What you need is good, wholesome energy that is going to burn through the day. The best delivery mechanism for that? A good smoothie. Pack in the bananas, apples, and berries, and you’ll be good for that long run without the sugar crash at the other end. Not only will your body will thank you, and you'll be up and ready to stick to that resolution every day.

Radiant Skin and a Veggie Glow

Perhaps your New Year’s resolution is to take better care of yourself and pamper the skin and complexion a little. We’re in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis, so expensive skincare products is reason enough to give up on that goal immediately. 

But what if all it took was some good, fresh fruit and vegetables? The vitamins and antioxidants found in veggies like spinach, kale, and sweet potatoes work wonders for your skin, giving you that coveted radiant glow. So, forget the complicated beauty routines and start loading up on leafy greens and colourful veggies. 

Snack Better on the Morning Commute

Many of us simply set our New Year’s resolution to be that we want to reduce stress in our lives. That lasts until about the second day back when the morning or evening commute throws us in a spin, so we start reaching for the candy bars and drop into the bottle shop on the way home for a painkilling six-pack.

Eating well comes to the rescue here, too. Popular, common, easy-eating fruits like oranges, strawberries, and kiwi are packed with vitamin C, known for their stress-busting properties. The answer here, then, is to pack yourself a fruit salad for the morning trip. Throw in some relaxation music in the car, and the trip to and from work becomes a moment of calm and mental well-being.

Learn a New Skill: Infusions!

The other common New Year resolves to learn a new skill. How many of us came into a new year dead-set planning on getting to a conversational language with a new language? How many words do you remember from that effort? Or perhaps you wanted to learn how to paint, and then stopped short of recreating a Picasso? What if there was an easier and yet every bit as fulfilling skill to learn? That’s where infusions come in. Spice up your hydration routine with fruity infusions. Throw some slices of lemon, cucumber, and berries into your water for a refreshing and flavourful drink, and then start experimenting to come up with all kinds of fascinating mixes that make for a party on your tastebuds. It’s a skill you’ve learned that your entire family will appreciate. 

And that’s not the only thing you can do with your Good & Fugly fruit and vegetables, either. Learning how to pickle, turn ingredients into a stock, or any number of other processes can all be every bit as rewarding as giving Spanish another crack. 

Let 2024 be the year where you see through a resolution, and let that weekly or fortnightly delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from Good & Fugly be the foundation of that. We can’t wait to hear your stories about what you’ve achieved. 

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and rewarding 2024!

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