Halloween veggie snacks

Halloween veggie snacks

Oct 27, 2022Jonathan Englert

Mwah, ha haaa! It’s Halloween. A time to explore your spooky side. It’s also a time associated with sweets, cakes, sugar and not a whole lot of nutrition.

So how can you get into Halloween mode without succumbing to the mountains of sugar? Use veggies. Try out these fabulous Halloween treats, all using vegetables.

Shrunken potato heads

Use any potatoes you have. After washing, poke faces into your potatoes. You can use the end of a fork to carve out eyes, a nose and an open mouth. Place on a baking train with oil over the top of your shrunken heads and some salt for flavour. Bake for around 40mins or until golden – depending on the size of your potatoes.

Mini jack-o-lanterns

Using capsicums, cut off the tops (but keep the lids) and clean out the insides of your capsicums. Use a small knife to carve a face as you would a pumpkin! Fill with a dollop of hummus or your favourite dip, and return the lids.

Halloween veggie skeleton

Get a piece of A3 paper and draw out a skeleton, or you can easily find one online and print it. Using all the veggies you have (absolutely any will do!), cut them up into small pieces. Start placing your veg over the paper, recreating the shape of the skeleton. The more colourful veggies you use, the better. Trust us, this will be a fan favourite!

Halloween might traditionally be about eating a lot of lollies, but we think it can be way more fun using veg! On top of looking great, you’ll be sure to have many happy faces who will feel a whole lot better for eating nutritious, fresh foods.

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