How To: Coordinate Mealtimes with Housemates 

How To: Coordinate Mealtimes with Housemates 

Aug 05, 2022Jonathan Englert

If you've ever had housemates and had to share a kitchen, you know how aggravating it is when everyone tries to cook at once. There usually isn't enough space. And if there is, it's usually a mad rush to get to the stove or oven. Coordinating mealtimes with housemates may be the answer to these problems. Below are a few tips on arranging mealtimes so that no one is left feeling frustrated or hangry. 

  1. Talk to your housemates about their schedules, when they prefer to eat, and if they usually cook or buy takeout. By communicating, everyone can figure out the best time to cook.
  2. Create a shared calendar and include everyone's desired timings on it after you've had your discussion. Hang this schedule on the wall in a communal area or share it digitally. Then, if a housemate forgets their time, they can always check back to the plan.

  3. Label your food in the fridge with your initials. This will help others know what has already been claimed and it'll prevent them from taking something they shouldn't when it comes time to cook. 

  4. Communicate if you will not be cooking during your allotted time. For example, maybe you're going out to eat or have a busy day. Let your housemates know so that they can plan accordingly and adjust the set schedule. 

  5. If you are close with your housemates, you can also try cooking or even meal prepping together. This will help reduce the stress of everyone trying to cook at once, and it's a great way to bond with each other. 

  6. If you and your housemates frequently eat the same foods, such as fruit and vegetables, consider sharing the cost of a Good and Fugly box! This can alleviate food costs while also making cooking easier because you'll have fewer things to worry about.

Sharing a kitchen can be difficult, but mealtimes can run smoothly with a little bit of planning. By coordinating with your housemates, you'll be able to avoid any conflict and have plenty of time to enjoy your meal. Bon appétit!

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