Introduction One For The Adults: Cocktails, Powered By Good & Fugly

Introduction One For The Adults: Cocktails, Powered By Good & Fugly

Mar 25, 2024Jonathan Englert

When you order Good & Fugly, you’re never quite sure what’s going to be in the box. You can be sure it will have some classic favourites, but also one or two newer things to try. this is a good thing, because if you’re into your mixology, this is going to be able to use your boxes to discover a wide world of new flavours and sensations. 

Naturally, you’re probably used to taking a lemon and applying it to your favourite cocktail of choice. Good & Fugly’s the knobby, misshapen lemon provide the fresh zest that cordial or factory-produced juice could never hope to. 

But what about the less common ingredients? Have you used a fresh tomato or cucumber in a cocktail yet? Possibly not. But, with a Good & Fugly box and your mixologist kits, shaker and all, at the ready, you’re ready to play and make some magic.  

What to Do with Your G&F Veggies Box

Your best friend when applying your Good & Fuglies veggies box to your cocktail bar is the muddle. Good muddling technique isn’t just about crushing: as any bar course will teach you, it’s about awakening. It’s about bringing the base flavours of the fresh things you’re muddling right to the forefront. It’s usually used for herbs, but you’ll quickly find that it has a role to play in Good & Fugly-provided veggies, too.

Then there are infusions to consider. This is a slow, patient process, but one that rewards the attentive bartender with flavours that are deep, complex, and utterly transformative. Imagine a vodka infused with the subtle sweetness of capsicum, or a gin that carries the delicate notes of cucumber? Once you start creating your own infusions, you’ll find that the complexity of flavours in the cocktails that you produce increases exponentially.

Finally, consider the value of a garnish. The garnish is the final flourish, the signature on your masterpiece. It’s the celery stalk that adds a crisp counterpoint to the richness of a Bloody Mary, the cherry tomato that bursts with sweetness atop a savoury martini. Garnishes are also a very visible and aesthetic thing, and if you get creative with your fuglies, you’ll be producing unique-looking cocktails that will surprise and delight any company you have with you. 

What to Do with Your G&F Fruit Box

Of course, while veggies give cocktails a fun and unique kick, fruits are the natural partner, and everything that you pull out of your Good & Fugly fruit box will have its role in whatever cocktail you look to make. 

One thing that’s important with cocktails – and indeed it’s the reason we all love them so much – is that you don’t want to get bored, drinking the same greatest hits over and over again. For this, think of the Good & Fugly cocktail box as a kick to try something different with all those aromas, colours and textures that you have to play with. You’ll likely find a citrus in every box, and its bright, tangy zest will transform a simple drink into a sharp, but full-flavoured masterpiece. 

Then there are the fruits that go well as an infusion, like apples or pears. And there’s the berries, with their sweet, juicy flesh that can bring a touch of summer to even the coldest winter night.

So, how do you make the most of your Good & Fugly cocktail box? Start with the zest. Use it to rim your glasses, adding a burst of flavour before the drink even touches your lips. Twist it over your cocktails, releasing the oils and perfuming the air with the scent of fresh citrus. The zest is a powerful tool, one that can elevate a drink from ordinary to extraordinary.

Then, move on to the herbs. Use them to infuse your syrups, creating a base that is rich with flavour. Muddle them in your shaker, releasing their oils and allowing them to mingle with the other ingredients. Garnish your drinks with a sprig of rosemary or thyme, adding an element of visual appeal and a hint of herbal complexity.

And don’t forget the berries. Puree them and use them as a base for your cocktails, adding a touch of sweetness and a burst of colour. Another fun trick is to freeze them and use them as ice cubes, chilling your drink while slowly infusing it with flavour. Or you could garnish your drinks with a skewer of fresh berries, adding a touch of elegance and a pop of flavour.

How to Find New Cocktails to Try

More than anything else, the joy of cocktails is trying new things, with ingredients that you never even thought would work. Did you know that you could use potatoes as the base ingredient of a cocktail? You may well not have, but the Latke Sour is a truly wonderful holiday festival drink in some parts of the world. 

Finding these recipes is very simple. Once you get your box of Good & Fugly delivered to the door, open it up and take inventory of what you’ve got in the box. You’re going to want to use some of it for mealtime cooking (or perhaps not!), but then get researching to see what new experiments you can try. 

Start by simply typing the name of the fruit and vegetable into your search engine of choice (or using AI!) and see what it comes up with. There are a wealth of ideas out there, from beginner standard right up to ones for professional mixologists to try. 

Another way to find new cocktails is to follow mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts on social media. These are the people who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a glass, who are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and new techniques. By following their work, you can gain insight into the latest trends, the hottest new drinks, and the most exciting flavour combinations.

And of course, you can always try the classic cocktail book. These books are a classic source of the most proven knowledge, offering up recipes that have stood the test of time, as well as tips and tricks from some of the world’s best bartenders. They’re a great way to learn about the history of cocktails, as well as to find new drinks to try.

One final trick – check on the Good & Fugly Extras section as well. Some of the finest cocktails call for egg whites, coffee or honey, and some of the most experimental and exciting are using ingredients like soy and oat milk. With Good & Fugly Extras, all of those are covered for you in one delivery. 

Be sure to let everyone at your cocktail parties know where the freshest ingredients for the best cocktails come from!

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