Oct 13, 2022Jonathan Englert

Do mangoes make you think of summer? We think so, too! October marks the start of mango season and we couldn't be happier. In Australia, there are over five types of mango varieties from Calypso to Honey Gold. What's the difference you ask? Depending on the variety will depend on size, colour, taste and the month they are available.

But if mango varieties look different, how can you tell when they are ready to eat? The best way is to go by feel. If you've had any practise with testing to see when an avocado is ready, mangoes are similar. The optimal time is when the mango has a little give when you give it a squeeze. With so many variants that differ in skin colour, you can't ever really tell by appearance. 

Are you as excited as us about mango season? We'd love to hear how you eat your mangoes! Do you add to salad? Enjoy on their own? Make a chutney? 

Did you know? Mangoes are absolutely bursting with vitamin C? And the benefits don't stop there. Mangoes are packed with fibre, vitamin A, potassium and folate. Happy eating! 

Fresh fruit makes us so happy and we know it will make you happy too. We can deliver fresh fruit straight to your door. That's right, no busy supermarkets, no battling it out for a car spot! Eating fruit has never been easier and more delicious - not to mention helping fight food waste.

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