Meet Chief Nutrition: Real Goodness for You and Our Farmers

Meet Chief Nutrition: Real Goodness for You and Our Farmers

Mar 15, 2024Jonathan Englert

As you know, at Good & Fugly we are fully committed to delivering farm-fresh produce directly to your doorstep. But we’re also building partnerships with some of the most exciting and good for you brands across Australia, through our Fugly Extras.

Today we’re thrilled to talk about our new partner, Chief Nutrition, a company that shares our values and dedication to health and sustainability. You’re going to love the Chief Nutrition range. 

We sat down to have a quick chat with Brock Hatton, the CEO of the Aussie-owned and operated company, to better understand what they’re about and what they’re delivering through their growing range.

What inspired you to start Chief Nutrition? 

The sheer lack of products on the market that we would consume ourselves! 

We all lead busy lives and that often means we're on the road or away from a convenient source of food. That requires us to look at packaged food that is shelf-stable at ambient temperatures. Unfortunately, when you look at what's available in this space, you find a bunch of sickly sweet bars filled with artificial flavours, colours and binders that are more representative of Franken-food than real food. 

And even the products that are clean are created using dried fruit to bind all the ingredients together. This leads to a product that is 30 - 40% sugar, and so not exactly good for the body in the longer term.  

In short, we wanted to create products that we would not only eat but be proud of. 

What are you looking to achieve with your product range? 

Our product range is always growing, and our general philosophy revolves around maximising the number of occasions that we can consume our products as well as minimising the amount of waste in our supply chain. 

We also aim to support Aussie farmers – much like Good & Fugly! We use secondary beef cuts that are not typically used in food service or sold in grocery locations so they are lower in value for the farmer. We create additional value through our drying process and this creates additional demand for these cuts from the farmers. 

Meanwhile, the hides of the animal we up-cycle into collagen that we use in our collagen powder and collagen bars. Last year we saved over 70,000kg of cow hides from going to landfill. We're particularly proud of this as there was previously no Australian-made collagen available. 

Our commitment to reducing waste doesn’t end there. Even the organs of the animal get freeze-dried and used in our nutrient-dense Liver, Heart & Kidney capsules. It is this true nose-to-tail philosophy that allows us to fulfil our commitment to waste reduction, better consumer health outcomes and increased occasions to engage with our brand. 

Like Good & Fugly you'd made a commitment to supporting local farmers. Why do you feel this is important? 

We feel that farmers are the starting place of our health system. Increasingly in western populations, we treat symptoms and not causes which leads to a sick care system rather than a health care system. If we all knew the name of our farmer, we probably wouldn't need to know the name of our doctor. As such, we should be highlighting the amazing work that our farmers do to not only grow the food that we eat but also as the custodians of our land.  

What have been your most popular products so far (and why do you think that is)? 

Our best-selling products are the Beef Bars, closely followed by the Liver Capsules. Our Beef Bars were our first product so they've had the advantage of being in the market the longest but I think they are the answer to the sickly sweet protein bars that are so prevalent in today's market. 

I mean when you start to see Birthday Cake-flavoured protein bars I think things have gone a little too far! Our Beef Bars are a savoury, wholefood protein bar alternative that delivers 18.2g of protein. 

The liver capsules are a response to the synthetic vitamins so heavily marketed that lack bioavailability. The nutrient density that is found in beef offal is truly remarkable. Whilst many people don't like the idea of eating liver, heart or kidneys, taking a few capsules a day is an easy and convenient way of filling your nutritional gaps. 

Grab a beef bar today!

As you can see, Chief Nutrition is out there doing some amazing things for your health, while also helping us deal with this national crisis of wasted food products. We’re thrilled to be able to include Chief Nutrition in our Fugly Extras, and can't wait to hear what you think of the products yourself!

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