The fuglies are coming to TEDxSydney!

The fuglies are coming to TEDxSydney!

Aug 25, 2023Jonathan Englert

Good & Fugly was set up with a singular purpose – to do good in the world by combatting food waste and helping to make fresh, wholesome produce available to all Australians.  

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve now partnered with TEDxSydney – an organisation that does good in the world by helping to spread inspiring ideas and showcase the innovations, creativity, and incredible work that so many Australians are doing in all areas. 

Like us, TEDxSydney also has a passion for sustainability. Last year speakers on sustainability included Emma Bacon, Saul Griffiths, and Damon Gameau. This year the lineup includes - Arielle Gamble, Elsa Dominish, and Ross Harding. Some of the presentations will even focus on great work being done in logistics and supply chains, which is something that Good & Fugly also helps to address by creating a direct-to-door chain and engaging with local growers to ensure that the produce doesn’t travel far. 

For the partnership, at this TEDxSydney, each attendee will get fresh and delicious rescued fruit from Good & Fugly – an opportunity for each person to see for themselves the value that we bring farmers and households alike. 

“I didn’t know about Good & Fugly before a friend told me about it, but I immediately saw how important it was because food wastage is such an incredible issue,” Susan McMahon, the CEO of TEDxSydney, said. “I am certainly going to be a subscriber after this!”

McMahon said that she expects that the TEDxSydney audience will appreciate the work of Good & Fugly, because sustainability cuts to the core of what they as a community believe in. “Sustainability has consistently been one of the topics that our community has responded passionately to,” she said. “Good & Fugly represents an opportunity for our community to further support their own personal sustainability journey.”

For Good & Fugly, raising awareness of the critical sustainability challenge that food wastage represents is an important part of our mission. We couldn’t think of a better way to boost the message than participating in the premier event for ideas exchange in the Sydney calendar. 

“I am so excited to gather our community next week, exploring and sharing Australian ideas that can move us toward a more positive future,” McMahon said.

This year’s TEDxSydney is on Friday, September 1. Make sure you don’t miss out on the incredible ideas that will be presented there!  Sound good, click here to register.

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