Want Fresh? Give The Supermarket A Miss

Want Fresh? Give The Supermarket A Miss

Sep 02, 2023Jonathan Englert

We all yearn for the crisp, vibrant allure of fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s a sweet treat like an apple or apricot, or superfoods that deliver a kick of nutrition to the system (think kale and beetroot), the great thing about fruit and vegetables at their best is that it’s not just about taste. There’s a total symphony of vitamins, minerals, and fibre sitting right behind that’s helping keep us balanced and in a state of well-being.

Did you know that less than 10 per cent of Aussies actually eat the amount of fruit and vegetables they’re meant to? We reckon that comes down to freshness a lot of the time. After all, once you’ve had an unpleasant experience with less-than-fresh produce it becomes so much easier to reach for anything else when you’re at the supermarket.

Supermarket shelves are stuffed with fruit and vegetables that look perfect in every way. And yet that’s not always the case, and it has to do with the logistics of getting fruit and vegetables from the farmers to all of these supermarkets, all around the country. Basically, from warehouses to trucks, and then the supermarket shelves themselves, too much of what you buy in those stores has been languishing in storage for too long, and, like having a masterpiece but losing its vibrant colours over time from exposure to too much sunlight, the food leeches both taste and nutrients.

Take apples, for instance. They are one of the staples of supermarkets, and in almost any supermarket around the country you’re going to be presented with a half dozen different varieties when you step into the store. It’s enough to get the mouth watering, but the truth is often disappointing and the apples lack that beautifully crisp texture and punch of sweetness that your mouth just told you should have been there.

This is because the apple may well have been hibernating for six to twelve months before reaching your basket. And that’s the ones that made the supermarket cut. So many other wonderful apples never leave the farm, because they’re not the right shape or “look”, and while aesthetics matter, we think most people would prefer taste.

Which is why the Good & Fugly boxes are proving to be so popular. Not only are they an enormously convenient way to source your weekly fruit and veg, and not only do they help combat food waste, but we keep our logistics simple and local – from the farmer to your door. There is often fruit and veg in our boxes that is picked the day before it arrives at your door.

This isn’t just opinion. There is a really good study that Michigan State University conducted in the US that made it very clear that the shorter the journey is from farm to fork, the fresher it will be when you bite into it.

To be clear, supermarkets and their supply chains have their place. Ever wondered why you’re able to buy many out-of-season staples all year long? It’s because supermarkets and growers have come together to develop supply chains that ensure continual supply. Our Good & Fugly boxes focus on the freshest and seasonal produce. For those times where you’re craving a particular recipe and the fruit and veg that is core to it is out of season, you’ll have no choice but to venture down to the supermarket.

But, when you get creative with recipes and learn to embrace seasonal eating, you’ll find you need to do that far less than you might think. Because here’s the ultimate truth: What supermarkets present is a fantasy. It’s food that looks both glorious and in abundance all year around. It’s attractive and exciting. But when it comes to two things: flavour and freshness, the fantasy melts away.

We firmly believe that once you give our fuglies a go you’ll realise that the supermarkets are only surface deep. When it comes to real produce, not only are you supporting local growers and combatting food waste, but you’re doing the family dinner place a great service by investing in freshness with Good & Fugly. Why not treat yourself to a box and see for yourself?

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