Win Fuglies! Good & Fugly Is Thrilled To Support National Nutrition Week

Win Fuglies! Good & Fugly Is Thrilled To Support National Nutrition Week

Oct 16, 2023Jonathan Englert

National Nutrition Week is upon us, and it’s never been more important to raise awareness for how important good nutrition is to the lives and lifestyles of Australians. Good & Fugly is getting involved in a big way, and you’ve got a chance to WIN a three-month subscription of wholesome veggies. 

Did you know that a full 90% of Australians don’t eat enough vegetables to meet their nutritional needs? This year, through National Nutrition Week and the TryFor5 initiative, Aussies are being challenged to take a go at eating better. 

TryFor5 encourages Australians to increase their vegetable consumption to the recommended five servings per day, bit by bit, over the course of the week. In doing so they’ll discover that many of the myths about vegetables are just not true. 

For example:

Myth #1: Vegetables aren’t tasty, and it’s hard to get kids to eat them. This is not true at all! If you get kids involved with the cooking process and introduce them to vegetables, then natural curiosity is going to take over. Couple that with the incredible, tasty, and kids-friendly recipes on the TryFor5 website, and you’ll almost be surprised by how well the kids will take to the veggies. 

Myth #2: It’s expensive to eat well. “A lot of people do perceive healthy eating to be more expensive,” Lucinda Hancock, CEO of Nutrition Australia, said. “The way that vegetables and fruits are priced at the moment is price per kilo, which I think it also makes it very difficult for the individual to understand just how much they’re getting when they add it to their shopping basket. 

“One of the questions we often hear when talking about vegetables is that when they’re out shopping they’re asking ‘If I’m feeding a family of four, how many pieces do I need?’” Hancock said. “In the longer term I would like to see vegetables displayed based on the number of portions. In the meantime we’re hoping that by getting people to try vegetables themselves they can start to get a gauge on portions.”

Myth #3: Full is full, regardless of what you eat. It is true that the highly processed food that lines the shelves of stores can fill a person up. And it can seem cheap, too. But there’s more to consider than that, Hancock said. “They’re convenient and sort of attractive, but are they providing you with the nutrients that you need?” 

Indeed, many people are surprised by how much better they feel as they fill up on fresh vegetables, rather than processed food, showing that filling up on these two things are very different.

Myth #4: Eating well is time consuming and difficult to manage. With a bit of preparation (for example, working out a meal schedule at the start of the week, so you can plan cooking and shopping efficiently), and the convenience of vegetables being delivered directly to your door via Good & Fugly, it doesn’t need to be an onerous process at all.

Give Try For Five a go and win! 

We’re thrilled to be able to support National Nutrition Week. As part of the week, we’re providing a three-month subscription to Good & Fugly as part of a big prize pack. 

All you need to do is follow the instructions at

If you are struggling to keep up the veggie intake, use this week as an opportunity to do a quick reset and recalibration. We promise it’s neither as difficult or costly as you might think, and you’re going to enjoy a much wider range of flavours while feeling so much better at the same time. 

Happy National Nutrition week, everyone!

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