Work Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Work Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Oct 04, 2022Jonathan Englert

Some days, we don’t want to be in the office. You know those days? When you’re just not vibing with it. We believe there’s nothing to turn a day around like a fresh, juicy apple or a crunchy carrot stick, or how about a sweet mango? Ahhh, now you’re talking!

What we love about fruit and veg is that they can be used to bring people together! How do you ask?

- At your next team meeting, bring a plate of fresh fruit slices. We promise by the end of the meeting, the plate will be empty 

- Instead of a biscuit tin in the work kitchen, create a dips plate with carrot and, celery, cucumber sticks to snack on

- Switch up eating out for lunch with a cook-off. Have everyone in your team use the veg in the box to make a dish that they bring in the next day to share

Our small and large work boxes are perfect for the workplace to ensure every day is a pear-fect one! If you're looking for inspo for your fruit and veg, head to our recipe portal, you won't be disappointed! 

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