You‚Äôre Simply the Zest ūüćč

You‚Äôre Simply the Zest ūüćč

Aug 24, 2022Jonathan Englert

Lemons have to be one of the most versatile fruits you will find in your Good & Fugly box. Packed with vitamin C, lemons can dress up a salad, add pizazz to a drink, elevate a roast, soup or bake and transform desserts.

The lemony fun doesn’t end there. You can use the peels to make tea or use the juice to make your own gelato. Why stop there? You can even add lemons to vinegar to create a natural household cleaner!

Lemon tell ya the best part, lemons are available all year round. How great is that? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

How do you use the lemons in your Good & Fugly box? We would love to see your photos. Email us at or be sure to tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

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