3 easy recipes better than takeaway

3 easy recipes better than takeaway

Jan 09, 2023Jonathan Englert

We know takeaway meals are an easy option, especially when you can have it delivered straight to your door. However, when you have a few easy to make recipes up your sleeve, that taste better than takeaway, you'll wonder why you ever opted for takeaway in the first place! Not to mention all the money you'll save and helping the environment by not contributing to the use of single-use packaging.

Often the times when we will reach for the phone to order takeaway is when we're tired and want something quick an easy. Yet, in the time it will take to have your takeaway delivered, you could have many fabulous dishes on the kitchen table.

On top of using your fuglies and saving money, cooking your own food is always going to be healthier. There is no way of knowing what ingredients are being used to make your takeaway meal, whether it's low-quality oils or even necessary additives.

Convinced home cooked meals are better? We are too. We love sharing a range of recipes here at Good & Fugly and work with our Chief Nutrition Officer, Clinical Nutritionist Cailie Ford to bring weekly recipes that will not only help you to use your fuglies, but also build on your cooking repertoire.

Why not give these a try: 

Mac and cheese with green beans - who doesn't love mac and cheese! This will hit the spot when you want something warm and comforting. 

Banana and coconut pancakes - when you're craving something a little sweeter that isn't loaded with a whole lot of artificial sweeteners, get these pancakes on the go. Fluffy and delicious, we promise you will be making these more than once.

Ginger & veggie stir fry - Ten minutes to prep and ten minutes to cook, this is one of the easiest, fastest, most nutritious and delicious meals you can make. Use any of your favourite fuglies to create this way-better-than-takeaway dish!

So the next time you pick up your phone to order that pizza, why not give one of these a try. We love to see what you make. Post your creations on socials and tag us @good&fugly 

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