5 Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn't Feed Your Pets (And 5 That Are Safe!)

5 Fruits and Vegetables You Shouldn't Feed Your Pets (And 5 That Are Safe!)

Feb 16, 2022Jonathan Englert

We understand – it can be so hard to resist the cuteness of your four-legged friends when they are begging for a bite off your plate! Although cats and dogs can eat most fruits and veggies, it is important to know what your precious pets should steer clear of. 

Here are 5 of the lesser-known fruits and vegetables that aren’t safe for your pet's consumption: 

  1. Grapes, currants and sultanas: Both dry and fresh grapes, and their variations, are extremely toxic to cats and dogs. Even a small amount can cause kidney failure, so keep your pup and kitty away from them!

  2. Cherries: They have pits that can cause choking hazards, a good rule of thumb to avoid. Cherries also contain a small amount of poisonous cyanide. Pet-owners should make sure they're aware of the signs of cyanide poisoning, and if you suspect your animal has ingested something toxic call a vet immediately.

  3. Avocados: Even though we humans love avocados, it contains a toxin called persin which can be poisonous for dogs and cats. More avo toast for you, then!

  4. Tomatoes: Although red ripe tomatoes are generally safe, green tomatoes can contain harmful toxins that are best not shared with pets.

  5. Onions and garlic: These two ingredients can cause red blood cells to break down in dogs and cats, which can lead to anaemia. 

Unlike grapes, tomatoes, and cherries, there are fruits and veggies that your pets can enjoy along with you. Here is a short, non-comprehensive list of fruits and veggies that are safe to share with your furry companions:

  1. Pineapple: Is full of vitamins, making it a nice treat for your pet from time to time! Just remember to remove the skin before feeding it to them.

  2. Broccoli: Considered a super veg for humans, broccoli is also healthy for animals as well! Broccoli contains many antioxidants to keep your pets healthy, and even has anti-cancer properties that can support proper kidney function.

  3. Pumpkin: Whether it's Halloween, or you're making a warming winter soup, pumpkin can be fed to your pets. It’s an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps keep their eyesight healthy. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help pets with arthritis or joint pain.

  4. Sweet potatoes: High in fibre, sweet potatoes can help support your pet's digestive health. 

  5. Blueberries: This is a sweet treat for your animal friends! Blueberries have many antioxidants that are not only beneficial to humans, but are great for keeping your furry friends healthy too. Because they're small, they can be fed to all types of pets!

While it's tempting to indulge in pet-to-person bonding by sharing healthy snacks, your safest bet is to consult a veterinarian about the fruits or veggies you think your pet might enjoy.

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