How to Be More Adventurous with Fruits and Vegetables

How to Be More Adventurous with Fruits and Vegetables

Feb 18, 2022Jonathan Englert

Whether it was your New Year's Resolution to try new things, or you're simply getting bored with your usual meals, if you've been thinking about changing things up in the kitchen this is your sign to do it! Trying new foods can be a tricky at first, especially if you don't know where to start, and getting out of your comfort zone takes time. But trust us, all you have to do is take that first bite!

Here are tips on how to be more adventurous with your food that can help if you're stuck in a dietary rut:

1. Change Your Perspective

Adjust your mindset to see food as something new and exciting, instead of intimidating. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so take time to experiment with various textures and tastes before writing it off completely. By experimenting with how you enjoy new foods, you may discover that there are actually lots of flavours that you enjoy. 

For example, if coriander tastes too strong at first, try adding it to your favourite meal to get used to its taste. Once familiar with the flavour pairing, you can expanding where you use it. Another idea is to use vegetables as a chip alternative for dips! While carrots and celery are classic dippers, why not try zucchini, cucumber or radishes with organic salsa or guacamole?

2. Get Your Kitchen Ready For Adventure!

Get out that knife and start chopping! Cooking at home allows you to try new flavours more easily, it gives you full control over portions and provides backup meals if an experiment goes awry. If you're nervous about how something will taste, try making a recipe that has flavours and textures that you already enjoy before branching off into unknown territories.

If you typically steam broccoli, try roasting instead with olive oil and different spices. Or, if you're already a big fan of roast veggies, check out this recipe for roasted vegetables and kale lasagne. 

Another easy tip is to use fruit where you would normally use veggies, and vice versa. Why not make a 'fruit pizza' with fresh strawberries, peaches, raspberries, or pineapple? 

3. Mix Up Your Supermarket 'Flight Path'

You have a specific grocery store route, don't you? A path that takes you through the supermarket and has you reaching for the same fruits and veggies week after week. Instead of re-tracing the familiar, allow yourself some extra time to slow down and explore new aisles and produce options on your next visit. 

Alternatively, you could outsource your fresh produce selection by ordering a fruit and vegetable box from Good & Fugly! While you're guaranteed to get some kitchen staples, we make it easy to experiment by including seasonal fruit and veg that varies every week.

4. Don't Get Stuck In A Rut

If you're a super-organised meal planner and prepper, it's easy to fall into a rut. Before you know it, you'll realise you've been eating the same two lunches for a year! While it sounds counterintuitive, an easy way to become more adventurous with food is leaning into your organised nature by scheduling 'end dates' for your meal plans. Enjoy the familiarity and ease of a set weekday menu for four months before retiring those meals and trying something new.

Keeping meal plans to weekdays only and leaving your weekends free to experiment with new foods - whether it's home-cooked or dining out – is another simple way to make sure you enjoy a little variety. After all, becoming more adventurous with food isn't only fun and exciting, but making sure you're getting a wide variety of nutrients in your diet is important for your health too!


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