6 Sustainable Clothing Brands For the Style and Eco-Conscious

6 Sustainable Clothing Brands For the Style and Eco-Conscious

Apr 06, 2022Jonathan Englert

The kitchen isn't the only place where eco-conscious Aussies can and should be reducing waste. Our wardrobes are responsible for a shocking amount of textile waste! Each Australian consumes an average of 27 kilograms of new clothing per year and sends an average of 23kgs of clothing to landfills each year. Clearly, it's more important than ever to start shopping more sustainably. 

The good news is that the fashion industry is responding to the challenge, with a growing list of Australian brands producing cool, stylish clothing in ethical and environmentally-friendly ways. These are some of our favourite brands who are challenging the industry's impact on the environment:

1. Outland Denim

Popularised by Meghan Markle, this Australian company produces long-lasting denim jeans that help women obtain stable employment and financial independence.


2. Citizen Wolf

This brand uses technology to create custom-made T-shirts that are both environmentally responsible and socially beneficial. They believe that when you make a piece you like, you'll keep it for longer and repair rather than replace it, therefore reducing the environmental impact.


3. Vege Threads

Vege Threads is an Australian clothing brand that prioritises ethics and environmental responsibility in its products and production. All of their pieces are made in Australia with organic and environmentally friendly materials and dyes in a Melbourne factory.


4. Little Emperor

This brand is all about creating clothing for children while also being environmentally friendly. Little Emperor's clothing is manufactured from organic cotton that is produced in a Sedex-approved factory where workers are paid a living wage and are guaranteed safe working conditions. 


5. Good Studios

Using materials such as hemp, Good Studios promotes the use of organic materials in their trendy and eco-friendly clothing and bedding.  Additionally, this organisation also takes pleasure in being a platform for educating the public and individual customers about sustainability in fashion. 


6. Nelson Made

Based in Melbourne, this sustainable footwear brand produces their sandals in small batches in an eco-conscious way. Their chic sandals and boots are designed to last and only utilise high-quality, environmentally friendly materials.


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