8 Ways to Reduce Your Food Bill

8 Ways to Reduce Your Food Bill

Mar 30, 2021Richard Tourino

Is your food budget weighing heavily on your wallet? It might be time to look into lowering your food bills. Here’s a list of eight easy ways to save money and shop smarter with your dollar when it comes to what you eat.

1. Make a shopping list - and stick to it!

Sounds pretty self-explanatory, right? But everyone knows what it’s like to head into the supermarket with a plan and leave with bags full of stuff we never intended to buy. Making a list can be super helpful to guide your trip, and shave off those unnecessary or unplanned purchases. 

Bonus tip: don’t shop for groceries when you’re hungry!

2. Buy non-perishables in bulk when they’re on sale

It’s always handy to have your canned goods, coffee, tea, cereals, and other staples in the pantry when you need them, so why not stock up? Next time you see a good deal at the shops, load that trolley up. It’ll save you money in the long run, and the convenience of always having your go-to items on hand can’t be beaten.

3. Meal prep

Preparing your food ahead of time is key. Having meals ready to go will come in handy to avoid ordering out later when you don’t feel like cooking - the bane of food budgets! If you aren’t already dishing up your own lunches for work instead of going out, this is one of the best ways to save money. Try it for a week and you’ll see what we mean.

4. Buy produce locally and in season

One of our favourite tips for reducing food bills is to shop fruit and veg that’s in season- an especially delicious task now that we’ve moved into Autumn, the season of harvest! In addition to choosing seasonal produce, seeking out fruit and vegetables that are locally grown is an excellent way to support your area’s farmers. The benefits for the environment, economy, and your wallet are many, so head to the farmer’s market this week and see what’s out there.

5. Sign up for a food box delivery service *wink wink*

For those who don’t have time to peruse the farmer’s market each week, there are meal delivery services out there that can do it for you. In addition to added convenience, did you know that you could actually be saving money with something like our produce box delivery in Sydney? Not to toot our own horn, but we do a pretty great job of rescuing fruit and veg in a way that helps our local farmers while also maximising the quality savings for you.*

6. Save or repurpose your leftovers 

Not a member of the Clean Plate Club? No problem. Store your leftovers in a reusable container for later - even the smallest amounts! If you didn’t already know, food waste is a pretty massive problem in Australia, and you’d be surprised at the ingenious ways you can repurpose your meals. It’s so easy to whip up a quick, “everything but the kitchen sink”-style fried rice or omelette and remix those leftovers. So many fun new flavours to play with too!

7. Bring Your Own Coffee / Tea / Water

There’s nothing quite like grabbing a cup of coffee from your local cafe. But if you’re really looking to cut costs, splurging on beverages every day is a major budget offense. Make your own hot drink at home in a to-go cup if you’re heading out. And skip the disposable bottled water, of course!

8. Plant a garden

If you’ve got a patch of dirt or even a few pots lying around, the cheapest option you’ll find for healthy produce is to grow your own! Fruit and veg taste best when fresh picked. And herbs like sage, basil, and mint are easy to grow and so nice to have fresh on hand. Just trim a little bit off as you need when cooking! You can even plant leftover seedy fruits and veggies like tomatoes or cucumbers  - just watch them sprout. Old potatoes and sweet potatoes can be planted too. You never know, you might discover you’ve got a green thumb… 

*Pssst… really get the savings rolling with 20% off your first box with us- use code SAVE20. 

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