Why there’s sometimes a non-fugly in your delivery box

Why there’s sometimes a non-fugly in your delivery box

Sep 19, 2021Richard Tourino

Rescuing fugly fruit and vegetables from landfill is our number one priority. It’s why we’re here, and for most of our customers, it’s why they love their Good and Fugly boxes too. Which is why you might be surprised to see cosmetically “perfect”, supermarket-ready fruit and veg nestled in among your Good & Fugly produce.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

Sometimes our farmers simply have an oversupply of produce. This could happen when everyone grows a bumper crop, which leads to oodles of cabbages, say, but not enough shelf space in supermarkets to sell them. Or maybe a restaurant changes its menu, cutting the need for bunches of beetroot, but farmers are already growing a heap for them.

Thanks to Good & Fugly’s customers, these unwanted extras are saved from going to waste – and instead they go into your next box.  

The other reason is we aren’t just throwing in any ol’ fruit and veg: we curate our boxes. Just like you wouldn’t go to the supermarket and load your trolley with cabbages, we don’t want to pack your boxes full of them either. People also want staples in their box each week – onions, potatoes and leafy greens – so that they can skip the fresh produce aisle entirely.

But the right mix of fugly fruit and veg isn’t always available. It’s hard to predict what produce will come our way, given that crop quality and harvesting times are affected by weather patterns, pests and other uncontrollable factors. That’s why you’ll see a few non-fuglies in our boxes.  

So why not just use the imperfect or excess produce we’ve got, and nothing else? 

Because we believe lighter footprint living shouldn’t replace convenience. The danger is if the greener option is too hard people will just fall back into their old, unsustainable habits.

We get it – no one wants to eat cabbage soup for a week, no matter how delicious it is. And the good news is, you don’t have to. Good & Fugly have found a way to rescue unwanted fruit and vegetables AND offer a convenient produce delivery service that’s good for you, good for farmers and good for the planet.

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