Celery still crunchy after two weeks? That’s some magic!

Celery still crunchy after two weeks? That’s some magic!

May 16, 2023Jonathan Englert

Grab your Veggie Saver bags here.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we really hate throwing out food. We know that most of you reading this feel the same. 

But sometimes there’s no way to save veggies that have sat in the fridge for too long. No one likes eating food that has lost its flavour and texture. Life’s too short to eat bad food. 

So what if there was a way to stop that from happening? Enter the newest invention from serial entrepreneur and global food waste champion, Peita Pini: Veggie Saver! 

Veggie Saver does for the kitchen what Good and Fugly does on the farm. It fights food waste by making sure that good produce stays out of bins and gets onto the dinner plate. The beauty of the invention is that it’s so simple and convenient: it is a reusable, machine-washable, compostable, non-toxic bag that you can stick your produce in, and it will keep them fresh for weeks (and they’ve got the science to prove it!) 

We’ve been using it ourselves in the Good and Fugly team’s fridges, and we can confirm that it really does work. Even celery is still crunchy after just two weeks. It’s as though we just picked it. 

Get yours direct from us

Veggie Saver is such a natural fit for Good and Fugly that we’ve partnered directly with them to stock their bags – you can purchase them directly while you put an order down for some of our boxes.

Good & Fugly produce is, of course, sourced fresh and direct from the farmland. It has the longest possible shelf-life of produce as it is. Combine it with Veggie Saver, and you’ll be amazed with just how long you have to enjoy those boxes of fresh produce… and how little you’ll then be throwing out! 

Peita Pini: A truly inspiring story

Before Veggie Saver, Pini had already had success with food preservation, having launched The Swag, which sold over one million units (Oprah’s endorsement certainly helped get the good word out).

Meanwhile, Veggie Saver hasn’t just turned our heads – the Australian government took notice as well! Pini was the recipient of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative – a program that has been designed to help female-founded startups get their product to market and scale. Only 38 founders were selected for this program, out of 2,500 applications, which is an enormous vote of confidence by the government. 

“By 2030, I want to see our business empower over 1 billion people around the world to live waste and plastic-free, with a net profit that contributes to over 10,000 children being freed from slavery and provided long-term rehabilitation,” Pini said. 

So, there you go Veggie Saver is doing good things all around. It’s helping you make delicious dishes from the freshest of produce. It’s helping the environment, and it’s leading a humanitarian cause too. 

Grab your Veggie Saver bags here.

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