Food and your mood

Food and your mood

Feb 27, 2023Jonathan Englert

Food provides us with a lot. Nutrition. Sustenance. Energy. Joy. But did you know it can also impact mood? It's true! What we eat can play a big part in our mood, which is enough to make us want to understand. How do we bring those good moods in more frequently? 

Nutrition Australia has outlined the key points to be aware of when it comes to food and mood. 

Energy slumps

Have you ever had the afternoon slump, or can it even happen mid-morning. Eating foods that are high in sugar can make your energy levels spike, then only to crash, leaving you in need for something to boost you up again. This is often when we will reach for something caffeine or a sugary treat. Unfortunately, this will have the same effect. Your energy will go up again, then crash again, leaving you in a slump - and probably not a great mood. Nutrition Australia says: "feeling low and difficulty sleeping can all be the result of poor food choices. Choose slow-release carbohydrates for a sustained energy release. Eat regularly to maintain blood glucose levels."

Eating for a good mood

You may not be aware that some foods can actually make you feel better! Protein for example, increases the production of serotonin - the happy hormone. Omega 3s may also help low moods at bay. Check some of our recipes to help get those happy hormones pumping:

Ginger and Veggie Stir Fry

Baked eggs on a bed of tomatoes 

Things to be mindful of 

We know those morning coffees can be satisfying, and a wine at the end of the day, but it's important to know that both can affect your mood. Caffeine and alcohol can affect your mood. While there may be an initial reaction of feeling 'good' - lower moods can follow. Moderation is always the key but don't forget there are great alternatives. Try a decaf for your coffee of even a lower-caffeine option such as tea. When it comes to alcohol, there is a large range of alcohol-free options on the marker. Check out our recent blog post about. 

Boost your fruit and veg intake

Plant foods, rich in prebiotics, feed the good bacteria in our gut. Eating a range of fresh fruit and vegetables is an excellent way to feel great all day long! We have a whole range of recipes in the Good & Fugly recipe library. Check out everything from breakfast to dinner options and even deserts. The more ways you can add fruit and vegetables to your diet, the better. To make life easier, why not subscribe to our weekly fruit and vegetable box delivery? Fruit and veggies will be delivered straight to your door, taking out all the hard work for you. All you need to do is enjoy. 

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