7 benefits of eating fugly

7 benefits of eating fugly

Mar 02, 2023Jonathan Englert

Whether you're new to eating fugly, thinking about it or have been eating fugly for a while, we'd love to share with you why eating fugly is so great. Sure, we may be biased, but there are many reasons why fugly is a great idea, here's 7 reasons!

1) You're helping the environment 

Did you know that 25% of all produce never leaves the farm because it isn't pretty enough for supermarkets? We find that a hard stat to accept. It simply doesn't make sense that so much fantastic produce is being sent to landfill because of how it looks. Does it really matter that a piece of fruit or veg is a little wonky? Or bigger than usual? Or smaller! No! Absolutely not. It's all about the delicious taste. Australia has a growing food waste problem, and we want to do something about it. By eating fugly, you are helping to divert fruit and vegetables from landfill and instead enjoy it.  

2) You're helping farmers

We really don't like hearing stories from farmers where they have had to throw away kilos of produce because supermarkets have said no to it. Farmers have many challenges and not being able to sell produce because of how it looks is one of them. That's what we are changing. It's fresh and good to eat, we want it! We are proud that we pay our farmers good amounts for their fruit and veg and continue to support them.

3) Tastes delicious and fresh

We collect our fruit and veg and get it to our customers asap. So no long freezer stints! We're all about great tasting, fresh and in-season fruit and veggies. It's super important to us. We work with farmers and our delivery team to figure out how we can get produce to you asap.

4) Delivered straight to your front door

Sure, hand-picking your produce may have its benefits, but we think having your fruit and veg delivered to your front door is way better. No driving, parking, queues and crowds. Our boxes will deliver right to your front door every week. Our team take great pride in packing every single box to make sure you have the fugliest box of goodies you can get!

5) Supporting Good & Fugly supports our partners 

As we enter our third year of operation, we're really proud to partner with some of Australia's best-known and much-loved names, including OzHarvest, Nutrition Australia, Vitamix, Nutrition Australia, Vegepod, SecondBite and more. Supporting us means supporting these legends at the same time.

6) Be part of our community

We LOVE - and we mean LOVE talking to our community. We have a fast-growing community of fugly fans that comes together online daily. We're on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and we chat regularly. It's a place where you can share ideas, recipes, photos and more. 

7) Our deliveries are carbon neutral

Good & Fugly is passionate about creating a greener future, and we know you are too! So we’ve partnered with 'The Planet app' to make our shipping carbon neutral. The Planet app funds cutting-edge carbon removal initiatives like Running Tide - a project that uses kelp to soak carbon, Heirloom - which uses climate tech to suck carbon out of the sky and Grassroots Carbon, which provides certified soil carbon storage solutions. Pretty cool, right? We think so too. Check out our fruit and veg box options and get your box (with carbon-neutral shipping!) today.

Ready to get fuglies to your front door? Order your next box. Select from a range of sizes to suit your household. 

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