Fruit, Fabulous Fruit

Fruit, Fabulous Fruit

Sep 27, 2022Jonathan Englert

So, it’s no secret….we love fruit! And there are plenty of beauties in season. Tuck into berries, mangoes, apples and more. The perfect snack or ingredient for your next salad, fruits are packed with nutrients and vitamins to help you feel fab!

What are some of the health benefits of fruit?

Fruits contain many vitamins and minerals, including: 

-Vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E



-Phosphorous and folic acid 

If you're not a big fruit eater, why not start small? You can:

-Add sliced banana and fresh berries to your oats or cereal 

-Make a fruit juice with orange, lemon and kiwi fruit

-Add orange slices to your next salad for extra flavour 

-Make a small fruit salad, and add a dollop of yogurt for the perfect snack

Did you know that we have fruit-only boxes? We do! in fact, our fruit-only boxes are super popular with our customers. Get your fruit-only box order in and get involved. It’s berry fun!

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