Fruity mocktails

Fruity mocktails

Feb 06, 2023Jonathan Englert

The alcohol-free market is booming, with more people opting for mocktails and zero drinks. A recent report by IWSR found that no and low alcohol consumption is projected to rise by 31% by the year 2024. 

The shift in habits can be attributed to a range of factors, including a desire for a healthier living as well as the improvement and variety in no-alcohol drinks. In the past couple of years, the market has exploded with a large selection of no or low alcohol wines, spirts and beers, hitting the shelves. Gone are the days when you would only find an alcohol-free wine in a dusty corner of the bottle shop. Now you can visit bricks and mortars stores that stock only alcohol-free drinks such as Sans Drinks.

We love a fruity mocktail here and Good & Fugly - especially using our fugly fruits! There are many options when it comes to mocktail making but if you're just getting started, we suggest a fruit sangria.

It's easy to make and perfect for your fuglies.

Here's how to make what we like to call: Fabulous Fugly Sangira

1) Use an alcohol-free red wine. A pinot noir is a great option for sangria as it's like and has fruity tones like cherries. Here is a great non-alcoholic option.

2) Decant your wine into a large bowl, and add about half a bottle of sparkling water. You can also mix this up and use lemonade (if you want a sweeter flavour) or tonic water.

3) Now it's time to add your fuglies! Cut up a selection of fugly fruits. Some great ones for sangria are apples, berries, oranges and lemons. Cut up in small pieces, remember, you will be in your drink so you don't want huge pieces. 

4) Give it a good mix and pour into a large jar with plenty of ice and serve. This is such a simple, refreshing drink. 

You can also use white wine like a pinot grigio, something light and crisp will work well.  

Once you try your hand a sangria, why not start experimenting with other mocktails? There are plenty to choose from and many that will enable you to put your fuglies to great use. Check out some more ideas here. 

Are you a mocktail maker? We'd love to see some of your creations and how you use your fuglies. Be sure to tag us on social media, you can even go in the running to win a free Good & Fugly fruit and vegetable box.

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