Win a year's supply of fruit and veg!

Win a year's supply of fruit and veg!

Feb 02, 2023Jonathan Englert

The hunt for Australia's fugliest fruit and veg is on, and you're invited to join in. Search your Good & Fugly boxes, gardens and wherever else you get your produce to hunt down Australia's fugliest fruit or veg.

The winner of the fugliest fruit or veg will receive a year's supply of Good & Fugly boxes - yippee! We want the wonkiest, the largest, the smallest, the one that looks like Tom Cruise, whatever it is - we want to see it!

The search is a celebration of ‘fugly’ produce and a step towards busting the unrealistic fruit and veg beauty standards in supermarkets. With Australians throwing away 3.1 million tonnes of food a year, we think it's time for change. It's time to put fuglies in the spotlight! Good luck.


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