Heathy meals for under $5 a person

Heathy meals for under $5 a person

Mar 21, 2023Jonathan Englert

With price hikes and economic uncertainty, we know that finding cheap meal options is a priority. Sure, you can always find a cheap meal at a fast food restaurant, but it lacks the many nutrients you will receive from whole foods. Eating on a budget doesn't have to mean eating poorly. We're big believers in eating well to keep you happy, satiated and healthy. So, how can you eat well on a budget? It's definitely possible. Here are some of our favourite low-cost dishes. 

Purchasing your fruit and veggies from Good & Fugly is generally 20-30% cheaper than purchasing fruit and veggies from a supermarket. So to get started, order your fruit and/or veggies, and have them delivered straight to your door. This means no parking fees, no petrol fees or no transport fees!

Cheap healthy meals:


This filling, tasty soup is a definite crowd pleaser. The bulk of the ingredients is pumpkin (which you will often find in your Good & Fugly box), a brown onion and carrot. The base is made of stock (which is can purchase half a litre for $1 or less), red curry paste which will last up to a month once opened and provide you with endless options to flavour your dishes, and peanuts (optional). Overall, you can create this stop for under $5 if you already have some of the base ingredients - and it will serve six people! 

Pumpkin is a rich source of Vitamin A, which is one of our key antioxidants. When you are ill, you need more Vitamin A to fight off infection, which is the perfect excuse to nourish yourself with a delicious bowl of soup!

Make your soup.


This stir fry is one of our top go-to dishes. You can use the recipe as is or tailor it to your tastebuds or what's in your Good & Fugly box this week. The beauty of stir fry is that you can really add whatever veggies you like! For the chicken, check out the deli section of supermarkets and ask for any specials. You should be able to purchase two breast fillets for under $5. You can also make this dish without the chicken. For other ways to find cheap deals, seek out "specials" in the meats section. This will be portions that nearing their 'best date'. This is a great way to find excellent savings, provided you plan to cook the dish within the next day or so. 

This dish has ginger (also commonly included in your Good & Fugly box). Ginger is an incredible immune-support spice that is used for everything from nausea, headaches and digestive upset.

Make your stir fry.



This heart-warming meal is full of flavour and nutrition. For the base, you will need coconut milk (you can purchase it for less than $1). You will also need fish sauce if you don't have that already (you can buy it as cheaply as $1.50) and turmeric (around $1) and white vinegar (available for around $1). For your ingredients, you can add all your favourite veggies in your Good & Fugly box. Don't feel limited by the ingredients in our recipe. Curries and stir fries really allow for a lot of flexibility! This recipe is intended for four people.

If you do stick to the recipe, enjoy the benefits of broccoli that is a great liver and immune system support! Rich in Vitamin C and fibre, it supports our detoxification processes and helps repair damaged tissue. Broccoli can be enjoyed in so many ways; roasted on a warm salad, steamed, stir-fried or even raw!

Make your curry here.

Remember!  All these recipes are multiple people, so you can either cut down the ingredients and make less (and therefore save more money) or - and what we recommend) make the outlined amount and freeze your portions. You can bulk cook, then portion and freeze, making your week a hassle-free experience. 

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