What's the difference between vegetarian and plant-based diets

What's the difference between vegetarian and plant-based diets

Mar 27, 2023Jonathan Englert

When it comes to diets that are full of vegetables, we're always going to be fan! Veggies are full of nutrients that can maintain good health and have you feeling great. When it comes to what diet is best, we believe that everyone has different requirements and needs, so it's always best to consult your GP and nutritionist. 

But when it comes to diets rich in veggies there's a couple you've probably heard of. 

Plant-based diets

Plant-based eating means most of the foods you eat are from plant sources, such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, seeds, nuts, legumes, beans and oils. There are some plant-based eaters who will include small amounts of animal products such as meats, eggs, seafood and poultry. 

Vegetarian diets 

A vegetarian diet is one that includes vegetables, legumes, fruits and wholegrains, but avoids animal-based food and products. This is usually meats and poultry. Some vegetarians may still eat dairy (and other animal-based foods). When someone does not eat meats, poultry, fish or any animal-based products such as dairy milk, cheese and eggs, they are usually vegan. 

Why do people eat plant-based or vegetarian diets?

A diet rich in vegetables and either low or void of animal products can bring health benefits such as lower saturated fat, cholesterol and fats. However, it's not as simple as cutting out entire food groups. Everyone has different needs, and talking to a professional is the only real way to work out what is best for you. Other reasons someone may become vegetarian is due to ethical reasons and wanting to avoid eating any animal foods or products.  

It's also important to note that a plant-based diet or a vegetarian diet isn't necessarily a healthy diet. Plant-based eaters and vegetarians can still eat a wide range of foods, some not necessarily healthy. This may include heavily processed foods and snacks. 

If you're interested in trying out a vegetarian diet or a plant-based diet, why not start with some recipes and see how you like it? As mentioned, it's always advisable to seek professional advice. Working with a GP or nutritionist will enable you to plan your diet thoroughly and identify what you need. This is particularly important if you intend to cut out foods. There may be certain nutrients or minerals that you require, and a professional will be able to work with you to plan out how you can add those nutrients in other ways.

If you're looking for cooking inspiration, be sure to check out our recipe library! It's full of easy-to-make recipes with plenty of plant-based options.

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