How to grow vegetables in pots

How to grow vegetables in pots

Mar 09, 2023Jonathan Englert

We love being able to deliver your weekly stash of fruit and vegetables straight to your door. But perhaps you’re keen to try your hand at growing your own veggies? Growing your own veggies is incredibly satisfying and a great family activity. Kids love learning about where veggies come from and enjoying watching the process from seed to plate. Not everyone has the benefit of a garden, but you can grow vegetables in pots. Growing veggies in pots is great for beginner gardeners as well.

So, how can you grow vegetables in pots?

Choosing the right spot 

Most plants will require sunlight. Veggies, like tomatoes, for example, rely on it. Kitchen windowsills are the obvious choice for potted veggies, but if that space doesn’t get much sun, you might want to think again. Check out other windows and balconies. A few hours of sunlight each day is ideal. Also check to see if it’s a particularly windy spot or open completely exposed to the elements. A benefit of potted plants is that you can move them. So on those really windy days, you can relocate your vegetable pots.

Watering and fertilisers

Potted veggies can dry out much faster than a planted veggie. They can be more exposed to the elements and not have access to deep soil as they would in a regular garden. Getting the watering amount right can be tricky. It will depend on what stage of growth they are at and the weather. Generally speaking, you should aim for about once a day. Pots should have good drainage. Otherwise, water can accumulate in the base of the pot, and the plants will rot. A good fertiliser once a month can also help the growing process. As your potted veggies won't have access to the same nutrients that would get in the ground, a good quality fertiliser will help them stay healthy.

What vegetables should you grow in pots?

There is a lot to choose from! However, you can start with some fairly easy ones like lettuce, tomatoes and herbs. Basil and mint will grow well and is a good starter plant. Again, it will really depend on how much sunlight you get and the space you have. Once you have your space set up, head on over to your local nursery and have a chat with staff about your potted veggie garden. We’re yet to meet a plant nursery staff member who doesn’t want to chat about the best plants to grow! Take advantage of their expertise and even take in some photos of where you plan to set up your veggie garden.

You won’t regret it. Putting in a little effort to set up will likely yield good results.

Ready to set up your potted veggie garden? Why not check out the many products from our friends at Vegepod? They also have a stack of how-to videos you can enjoy.


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