How We Support OzHarvest

How We Support OzHarvest

Jun 02, 2023Jonathan Englert

No one should go hungry…

Did you know that you can support someone in need by giving them four nutritious meals for just $1? 

That’s what OzHarvest deliver, and Good and Fugly is proud to support them in the effort. Across Australia, OzHarvest supplies 1,900 charities (with another 679 on the waiting list) with food that is free of charge. That food goes directly from the food banks to people’s plates. 

At a time where the cost of living is skyrocketing, the number of people that are in need of food relief has accelerated at a rate that is taking even OzHarvest and its partner charities by surprise. This is a disaster that we should all be working to avert. 

No one should go hungry.

That’s why we’re calling on all Good and Fugly fans to dig deep for OzHarvest’s annual drive, the OzHarvest Giving Day. It’s coming up on June 22, and on that day, every donation is matched, so even the smallest  can have a big impact on those in society suffering the most from a lack of food security.

How we support OzHarvest

Addressing food poverty in Australia takes effort across the entire chain. Those donations from consumers are critical, of course, but at the other end of the chain, OzHarvest relies on donations to have things to feed people with. 

Good and Fugly donates tens of thousands of kilos of fruit and veg to OzHarvest every year. This produce is fresh, nutritious, and an ideal solution for preparing large amounts of food on very tight budgets

The many tragic impacts of food poverty

Hunger and malnutrition would be a tragedy enough, but sadly that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what going without food does to a person. Unfortunately, it is one of the worst ways that poverty gets entrenched in our society. 

Many of the people that rely on food banks are unemployed or underemployed. If they don’t get good food, their chances of finding work shrink further, as their energy levels and productivity decline. You know how difficult that afternoon hump is if you miss lunch one day. Imagine what trying to work must be like for people that miss meals regularly?

Going without food also leads to social isolation. Individuals or families experiencing food poverty may feel ashamed or embarrassed about their situation, leading to social withdrawal. Additionally, the inability to afford nutritious food can create a sense of inequality and contribute to social divisions within communities.

It’s also really bad for the mood. Nutrition is critical for the mood, and the absence of it – Hunger - is exhausting and depressing, and over the longer term can result in serious mental health impacts. 

It is through the tireless efforts of OzHarvest, from their advocacy to their yellow food rescue trucks, and the support of the community that we can start to address these challenges and work towards an Australia where no one has to be so disadvantaged that food becomes a choice that they need to make.

Thank you for your support of this very worthy cause!

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