Is Food Waste Really a Problem?

Is Food Waste Really a Problem?

Sep 20, 2022Jonathan Englert

Unfortunately, food waste is a problem in Australia. With 25% of all produce never leaving the farm because of how it looks, a lot of unnecessary waste is happening around the country. Think about it, delicious produce is being thrown away because of how it looks, all in front of our berry eyes! It doesn't make any sense.

The cosmetic standards of supermarkets mean an astounding amount of great food never reaches our plates. In fact, 30% of all the world's farmland is used to produce wasted food.

Good & Fugly is all about changing this by rescuing that delicious fruit and veg and getting it in your hands. We want to make saving the planet affordable, convenient, and delicious. Working directly with farmers, we curate weekly produce boxes out of fruit and vegetables deemed cosmetically unsuitable for supermarkets and deliver them straight to consumers.

We are passionate about fighting food waste and know this is a solution that makes a difference.

Check out our fruit and veg boxes today.

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