Reducing waste at Christmas

Reducing waste at Christmas

Dec 15, 2022Jonathan Englert

Christmas is a wonderful time of year! But sadly it can also be a time where we produce a lot of waste. Whether it's with food, packaging, gifts or Christmas decorations - waste around this time of year tends to increase. 

It's up to all of us to make positive changes and start making better choices. Waste can be reduced and in some cases, completely removed. 

Here's a few ways you can reduce waste this Christmas:

Reducing food waste

Christmas is synonymous with feasts, but do we really need as much food as we think? Probably not. The best way to avoid food waste this Christmas is by planning properly. Get clear on your menu and how many people you are catering for. Our boxes are set to household size so there is less chance of waste. Why not pick a box for your Christmas and go from there! 

Reusable wrapping

Wrapping and packaging is a huge contributor of waste at Christmas time. Where possible, avoid packaging and instead of wrapping paper, why not use reusable Christmas bags! You can make these really easily using a whole range of fun Christmas patterns. We love this easy tutorial from Tania McCartney.


Think about your decoration

We love a festive looking room, but rather than buying new decorations, have a look at your existing ones. Can you repair any? Also have a think about using biodegradable materials like leaves, sticks and paper. Check out these wonderful ideas from Moral Fibres.


Give a gift that will help the planet

If you're looking for something special to give this year, why not give a gift that not only the recipient will be grateful for, but the planet? There are so many wonderful options from helping a charity such as OzHarvest to local organisations. Did you know we also have gift cards? You can give someone a voucher to buy their own Good & Fugly fruit and veg box, or a fruit only box, or a vegetable only box. 


Reducing wast can be done with a little thought and planning. There's nothing worse than getting to the end of the Christmas day and seeing all the waste! Let's make it different this year and start making better choices to reduce our footprint on the planet. 

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