5 vegan-friendly Christmas desserts

5 vegan-friendly Christmas desserts

Dec 12, 2022Jonathan Englert

Did someone say Christmas desserts!? Yes, please! However, if you're a vegan, you may feel your options are somewhat limited around the Christmas table - but they don't have to be. We've scoured high and low for some of our absolute favourite recipes that are sure to brighten the day of everyone this Christmas - and the best part of all, they're all vegan-friendly. 


1. Mince pies

A Christmas classic, these are a must-have on the table. We love the cherry and hazelnut vibes of these little gems. On top of that, they look absolutely gorgeous, and you can go all out with whatever cuts and shapes you use on your pastry. They do require a little more time and effort than some desserts, but you won't be disappointed with the flavour, and they're definitely Instagram-worthy! 
For the full recipe, check out BBC good food.

2. Pavlova

An Aussie favourite, you might be hard-pressed to find a vegan pavlova. Those meringues are pretty hard to do without eggs  - or are they? The geniuses over at delicious - have cracked it...get it...cracked it! You're going to love this fresh, light and delicious recipe. The best part of all, it's pretty easy to make. Winning! Check out this great pavlova recipe from delicious here.

3. Chocolate cake 

Perhaps chocolate cake doesn't typically say Christmas, but we think this beauty deserves a place on the list. Dessert Queen, Nigella Lawson, has created a decadent chocolate cake that everyone can enjoy. Nigella swaps out butter for coconut oil, and we think she's nailed it. Add Christmas decorations to bring in the festive cheer, or use Christmas stencils to create a different top with icing sugar. Check it out here. 

4. Christmas fruit cake

Love it or hate it, it just isn't Christmas without a fruit cake! This fantastic recipe from One Green Planet is well-considered and delicious. The recipe includes almond meal instead of flour, so it's a flourless cake! We also love the cashew frosting! Start whipping up this fruity, fun dessert


5. Chocolate Avocado Pudding 

Deryn from Running on Real Food! has shared a truly easy and yum chocolate pudding recipe. With just a few ingredients, you really can't go wrong with these little pots of deliciousness. We especially love her suggestions for toppings, including bananas or other fruits! Why not use some of your fuglies to create a festive topping that will wow your guests. Check out this mouth-watering recipe here.


That's a wrap for our vegan Christmas desserts. We would love to hear about any other recipes you recommend or love making. Don't forget to use your fuglies, this is the perfect opportunity! 

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