Root to leaf - how to  use the whole veggie

Root to leaf - how to use the whole veggie

Feb 20, 2023Jonathan Englert

You may have heard of nose to tail but have you heard of root to leaf? It's an increasingly used term to describe 'eating it all' when it comes to fruit and veg. No surprises here - we love this concept. Finding creative and delicious ways to eat all your fruit and veg - and avoiding scraps, is taking huge steps towards ending Australia's food waste problem. 

What is the problem?

Food Bank has reported that around 45% of the world’s fruit and vegetables go to waste each year. Shocking, we know. The impact of this waste is far-reaching. On top of the environmental impact of food becoming landfill waste, people continue to go hungry all over the world. We know that the problem can seem overwhelming and difficult to face. However, we believe that every person has the ability to have a positive impact, no matter how small it may seem.

What can you do to help fight food waste?

One of the best ways to end food waste is to start thinking about eating root to leaf. In other words, how can you eat the whole vegetable and avoid any waste? For some, this, may be a new concept, but once you get a few ideas and recipes up your sleeve, you'll be wondering why you haven't always done it. 

How to eat root to leaf?

We are so thrilled to partner with the awesome crew at Cornersmith. When it comes to eating it all, these guys are experts. Their website is packed with recipes about how you can start to eat the whole vegetable. For example, don't throw all your veggie scraps in the bin, make a veggie bouillon. Or what about these green pockets? The perfect way to put those extra greens to use. Using it all take a small change in how you cook and plan, but it's worth it. There are so many options and fantastic recipes. In fact, the Cornersmith team even have an entire book about the topic: 'USE IT ALL' - which we can highly recommend. 

What are the benefits of eating root to leaf?

There are many, including:

  • Save money - the more you use of your veggies (and fruit), the longer your produce will last, meaning you won't have to buy so frequently
  • Help fight food waste. Take notice of how much excess veg you throw away (or hopefully you compost). It might look like waste, but we promise you, a lot of it can be eaten! By diverting those cut off from landfill, you'll be reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Develop new cooking skills. As you start to become familiar with the root to leaf concept, you will learn new recipes and ways of cooking - trust us, you won't be disappointed.


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