Eco-minded dating

Eco-minded dating

Feb 16, 2023Jonathan Englert

With Valentine's Day this week, it may have some thinking about dating. With so many eco-minded warriors in our community, we wondered how can like-minded people come together?

Whether you're looking to widen your network of friends or find romance, we want to explore the different ways you can find others who share your passion to protect the environment. In fact, there's even been the rise of a new trend called "eco-dumping" - a term used to describe when someone ends contact because of someone's poor treatment of the environment! It's encouraging to see so many people who are passionate about connecting with other eco-minded people. But how do you do it?

Here's what we came up with:

1) Communicate your interests when online dating. 

Most dating apps have an about section where you can share a bit about yourself. This is the perfect opportunity to talk about your interests. Tell others that you care about reducing food waste, that you support certain organisations or even better, share a photo of you doing something that communicates your passion. Some apps also allow you to select your interests, including "environmentalism". This is a great way to attract like-minded people.

2) Eco-minded dating sites. 

They exist, and we love it! A quick Google search will take you to various options, such as Planet Earth Singles. These sites are perfect as they connect you immediately with a pool of people that care about the planet - perfect! 

3) Events and groups. 

Online is great, but nothing beats the opportunity to meet in person. Search for events and local groups. Think a little outside the box here. Perhaps your passion is reducing food waste, but the events in your area are to clear rubbish on beaches. While it may not be your number one interest, it's helping the environment and potentially connecting you with others who feel the same way. 

4) Keep your dates green. 

When you do go on dates, keep them green. Think about what activities you can do to keep supporting the environment. This is all about walking the talk! Go on hikes, explore nature, do a clean-up with your date at a beach or park, volunteer for an enviro-friendly organisation like OzHarvest or commit to a meat-free, zero-waste date.

5) Be up front. 

Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have deal-breakers, things that we are not willing to budge on. So, think about yours. What are you willing and not willing to compromise on? Knowing these and being clear about them will help you find others who share your visions and beliefs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get dating! One final thought is to remember someone may not share your beliefs simply because they don't know about the topic. Before you strike someone off, ask questions, talk and explain your point of view. Knowledge is power.  

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