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We are pleased to see there are more and more discussions being had about the environment, and the urgency for change. At Good & Fugly, we are motivated by the difference, we believe, we can all make by reducing food waste. Although there is a long way to go, we are heartened to see more and more businesses, change-makers, communities and individuals talking about what we can do and taking steps towards change. 
Good & Fugly at the National Food Waste Summit
Nov 24, 2022
This week, the team has headed up to Brisbane for the National Food Waste Summit. We are excited and proud to be joining many other food waste fighters to discuss, brainstorm and share information about we can make real and long-lasting change to Australia's food waste problem.
Meet our friends at OzHarvest
Nov 03, 2022
Everything we do is with a clear mission in mind – fight food waste. That’s why we’ve been working with OzHarvest to make this happen over the past two years.