We’re launching in more new locations than we can count!

We’re launching in more new locations than we can count!

Sep 15, 2023Jonathan Englert

Our recent launch in the Gold Coast went so well that we thought we’d bring the boxes of fuglies to even more places!

To cut to the chase, if you live in any of these areas, then Good & Fugly deliveries are either available now, or will be so over the next few days: Sunshine Coast, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, and the Central Coast.

We’ve worked closely with our suppliers and delivery partners to ensure that you’re getting the full experience: simply put down an order for a box of fresh, wholesome fruit or veggies, and they’ll be delivered directly to your door at the date that you nominate.

Why not give a single box a go to see for yourself? If you and your family love it (and we really think you will!) then it’s a simple matter to set up a recurring subscription from there. Get a box delivered every week or fortnight and save yourself the need to drop by the supermarket after work and save yourself the question about what’s for dinner. 

In fact, we even throw in a recipe with every Good & Fugly box to help you make the most of the stunning, locally-grown produce that is in it. Thanks to Australia’s farmers, you’ll be able to enjoy dishes from every corner of the planet. 

Why we do what we do at Good & Fugly?

Our mission is three-fold:

  1. Help address the incredible level of food waste that goes on in Australia. So much perfectly edible food ends up in landfill simply because it’s not “pretty enough” for the supermarkets. We believe (as do most Australians) that it’s the taste and freshness that matter, not how sparkling it looks on the shelves, and so we set out to prove that. And this helps you, our farmers and the planet.
  2. Help address the spiralling cost of living. It’s no secret that Australia is struggling under a cost-of-living crisis, where even the staples are out of reach. More and more Australians are relying on food banks just to feed their families. We wanted to present an alternative where fresh food was readily available at a much lower cost than supermarkets would charge –and we can help you avoid that extra trip or trips to the supermarket where inevitably most of us buy more than we need, spending even more money.
  3. Help Australia’s farmers. They’re doing it tough themselves right now and having to throw out good food simply because the supermarket monopoly rejects it doesn’t make things easier. Good & Fugly pays a fair price to farmers, giving them a valuable additional revenue stream. 

We hope families in all our new locations love our boxes every bit as much as our existing customers, and stay tuned! We have plans to expand to more places. If you live in an area that we don’t yet deliver to, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and then you’ll be the first to know when we launch!

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