Where does our produce come from?

Where does our produce come from?

Nov 17, 2022Jonathan Englert

Each week we rescue fabulous fruit and veg and deliver them straight to your door. But where do our fruit and veg come from? Did you know that Good & Fugly has an amazing network of farmers across Australia?

Farmers call us on our farmer's hotline (13-000-FUGLY) when they have perfectly good fruit and veg that needs rescuing. We then buy that produce and transport it to Good & Fugly H.Q. for our crew to pack and deliver it to you.

Our farmer family is constantly growing. We've loved getting to know many top farmers and learning about their challenges and goals and how we can work together to fight food waste. To help support our Aussie farmers you can spread the word about our fugly mission and keep buying your box of fuglies!

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