7 benefits of eating fugly
Mar 02, 2023
Whether you're new to eating fugly, thinking about it or have been eating fugly for a while, we'd love to share with you why eating fugly is so great. Sure, we may be biased, but there are many reasons why fugly is worth your while, but here's 7!
Vegetable BBQ
Jan 27, 2023
A long Aussie tradition, BBQ's are a get together go-to. But are they only for the meat-eaters out there? Absolutely not! Veggie BBQ's are all the rage and a great way to put your fuglies to use. 
Where does our produce come from?
Nov 17, 2022
Each week we rescue fabulous fruit and veg and deliver them straight to your door. But where do our fruit and veg come from?
5 ways to use potatoes
Nov 05, 2022
You'll often find potatoes in your Good & Fugly box because they are an Aussie favourite. Simple and delicious, there are many ways to use your potatoes, and we want to share some of our favourites.
Why eating more veggies doesn't have to be hard
Oct 21, 2022
OK, so you've become aware that you need to eat more vegetables. Now what? The good news is, adding more veggies to your week doesn't have to be hard and we're passionate about ensuring you know just how easy it is.
91% of Aussies need more veggies
Oct 19, 2022
Did you know that 91% of Australians are not eating enough vegetables? And 44% of Australians state their vegetables end up going to waste.