You don’t need to see our fuglies to love them --GF on ABC

You don’t need to see our fuglies to love them --GF on ABC

Dec 05, 2023Jonathan Englert

You know the saying: “They’ve got a face for radio.” It’s a horribly mean thing to say to a person, but it’s totally true of our fuglies. So we thought “Why not jump on the radio to talk about them and help people feel the love for them like we do?”

Jonathan Englert brought a big box of the good stuff to ABC Evening Radio recently to talk about the ongoing need to convince people to give fuglies a go. We know that we’re preaching to the choir here, but the more people who realise that fuglies cook up just as well and taste just as good as the “perfect” produce in the supermarket, the less goes to waste and ends up contributing to climate change in landfill.

As Jonathan said in the interview, we see what we do as a rescue mission. And it’s not just about fighting back against waste and climate change. We’re certainly not asking customers to make sacrifices by buying this produce instead of what they find at the supermarkets’.

In fact, it’s often better. Did you know that thanks to the length of the supply chain, by the time the produce gets to the supermarket shelves, it’s not as fresh as it should be? With a more direct route from farmer to door, Good & Fugly is also helping you to get food in the freshest state possible.

Each box has plenty of it too. That’s another angle of the mission that Jonathan talks about on the show. Report after report shows that Australians are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Part of that is, simply, that it’s not convenient to do so, and so many of our customers have told us that, once the boxes were dropped at their doorstep each week and month, they did find themselves eating much better.

But, more than anything else, we really hope that through this interview you get a sense of just how passionate we are about the mission. As you can probably imagine, the idea of setting up a business to distribute the ugly and rejected fruit and vegetables was a tough sell at many levels. The overwhelming response from so many has made it clear that it was the right thing to do though.

Enjoy the interview. Click here and fast forward to the 1:18.30 mark


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