5 ways to use potatoes

5 ways to use potatoes

Nov 05, 2022Jonathan Englert

You'll often find potatoes in your Good & Fugly box because they are an Aussie favourite. Simple and delicious, there are many ways to use your potatoes, and we want to share some of our favourites.

1. Baked

There's nothing quite as comforting and simple as the humble baked potato. Bake until crispy and fill with your favourite filling, including tuna and mayonnaise, vegetables or sour cream and chives.

2. Chips

Use a low frying pan with oil on high heat to fry up some homemade chips. Cut in small pieces to your liking. You could go for a chunky chip, the thin fry or small bites.

3. Potato bake

A fabulous accompaniment with a lunch or dinner, thinly slice your potatoes and line on an oven-proof dish. Add layers of cheese, cream and keep repeating until you reach the top of your dish. This indulgent dish is sure to be a fan favourite. 

4. Potato soup 

Boil your potatoes, then blitz along with some lightly fried leeks and garlic. Add cream to thicken. Once well blitzed, serve hot with your favourite toasted bread.

5. Potato salad

It's a classic for a reason. Boil you potatoes and cut them into small pieces. Add boiled eggs, sliced tomatoes, black olives, sliced onions and add a mayonnaise based dressing, or for something lighter, try a French or vinaigrette dressing.

Did you know? If stored in a cool, dry place, potatoes can last several months! This means you don't have to stress about using them each week. Create a place in a cupboard or pantry to store your potatoes. A good tip is to have them in a basket or clear container, so you don't forget about them. 

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