The Sweet Side of Veggies: Encouraging Kids to Love Their Greens
Apr 19, 2024
As every parent knows, getting children to eat their vegetables can be a challenge, and...
How to make the perfect pie
Mar 16, 2023
Hello Autumn! One of our favourite seasons for enjoying homemade pies. What we love about pies is that you can get so creative with your filling, and it's the perfect way to use veggies and fruit! 
How long do fruit and veg stay fresh?
Mar 13, 2023
We all want our fruit and veg to last as long as possible. Longer lasting fruit and veggies means purchasing less and saving more money. Not to mention that longer lasting fruit and veggies means you're less likely to end up with waste, as you can better plan your meals across the week. 
What's in season: AUTUMN
Mar 07, 2023
Hello Autumn! As we move into another season, it's the perfect time to have a look at what fruit and veg you will be able to enjoy in the coming months. Autumn is all about enjoying falling leaves, cooler weather and cosy cooking, and it's a wonderful season for fruit and vegetables. So, what can you expect in your Good & Fugly fruit and vegetable boxes this Autumn?  
7 benefits of eating fugly
Mar 02, 2023
Whether you're new to eating fugly, thinking about it or have been eating fugly for a while, we'd love to share with you why eating fugly is so great. Sure, we may be biased, but there are many reasons why fugly is worth your while, but here's 7!
The best Valentine's Day gift
Feb 13, 2023
Sure, chocolates are sweet, flowers are pretty but we think you can do better this Valentine's Day. Call us biased, but we think giving someone a box of imperfect fruit and veg is a gift that makes a big difference - in more ways than one!